Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Another New Ultra-Modern Acme!

 Classic ad courtesy of Amy Macnamara

Location: 51 North Woodbury Avenue, Pitman, NJ

The Parade of Progress came roaring into Pitman, New Jersey on July 18. 1956. Acme opened this ultra-modern store packed with the latest shopping conveniences including one I have never seen before. This place had an in-store bank! If you look closely at the entrance, you'll see the teller window just to the left of the doors. The rendering also has a generic "BRANCH BANK" sign on the left corner above the stores vestibule. Look below for a zoomed in view...

Amy discovered this vintage ad tucked away in her Grandmother's sewing drawer.  She hopped online to research the ad's date and wound up stumbling across Acme Style. Unfortunately the location had not yet been featured on the blog so she emailed a photo and asked if I had any information. I was able to pin down the opening date of the store but that was about it. If anyone has more information on the store's history, please leave a comment below. 

The Acme is gone. TD Bank now located on the property. The Acme building survived until at least 1995...

No way of knowing from this vantage point if Acme still operated here. The building had been expanded by 1995 but it looks as though another store was added to the left side.

Look at the size of the parking lot!



I did a rough count of parking spaces in this image since the lines are nice and clear. Came up with 165 spots!


Thanks to Amy for sharing her incredible find with us!


  1. You're back!

    And BTW, the TD Bank was actually a Commerce Bank from the 2002 aerial.

  2. I've found info that there was an Eckerd at this address at least until the late 90s; I'm not sure if it was in part of the Acme or in the added section. I wonder if this Acme and the one in downtown Glassboro were both replaced by the larger Glassboro store (which I've found out was originally a Dale's).

  3. Wow, banks in supermarkets are a common sight today; but must have been quite a novelty in 1956. Acme was ahead of its time.

  4. Ha -- I didn't even notice that bank! And seriously -- I didn't know Acme was so interesting until I found this blog. Really. Now when I go in one I look for remnants of past styles!

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  6. I believe the Acme store was a IGA store until it closed in 1995- and Eckerd drugs was the attached store next to it.