Tuesday, April 1, 2014


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This week, there will be store posts on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. For the next couple of months, posts are planned for every Tuesday and Friday so I can burn through some mounting inventory. That schedule might be difficult for me to pull off every week but I will be giving it a shot. If a new post hasn't gone up by 7:00 am, there won't be one for that day. 


  1. You know some 90s expansions were built with the chalkboard market decor instead of the red white.and.blue Decor

    1. The Acme Sav-on on Pasqualone Boulevard/Bristol Road and Hulmeville Road is one of those 1990's expansion with the Chalkboard Market decor. It has since received the Santa Fe/Albertsons Marketpalce decor

  2. The A&P in Ortley Beach, New Jersey, which had been damaged by Superstorm Sandy, has now been reopened for about a year. I remember that many people parked their cars in the parking lot shortly before the storm because it is on slightly higher ground. I went inside last week to check it out and was really impressed with the refab. Route 35 has been under construction because of the storm damage, so it can only be accessed from circuitous back roads, which are themselves still damaged. It was the only major supermarket on the barrier beach south of the Stop & Shop in Point Pleasant Beach. Residents were having trouble obtaining affordable groceries without having to drive onto the mainland. The A&P is a good step towards normalization in this region. An article on the topic can be found here: http://tomsriver.patch.com/groups/politics-and-elections/p/video-ortley-beach-a-p-celebrates-re-opening

  3. 13 worst supermarkets in America: (according to MSN)
    13. Giant Eagle
    12. Vons
    11.Price Chopper
    10. Safeway
    9.Food Lion
    8. Stop & Shop (kind of a surprise considering that they are related to Giant, one of the most popular stores)
    7. Jewel-Osco
    5.Pick 'n Save
    4. ACME (GASP!)
    3.Pathmark (not much of a surprise)
    2. Shaw's
    We all saw this one coming:
    1. Walmart

  4. Thanks for posting! I agree with you that number 8 on the list is somewhat of a surprise. The location in Toms River, where I live, is very modern, clean, and bright. Most people really like it as an alternative to Shop-rite. The only reason that it might be on this list is because it has the perception of high prices—whether that may be true or not.

    Unfortunately, Acme also made it to spot 4. We all know that Acme did in fact decline substantially during the Supervalu days. However, I think Cerberus has started to “market” Acme in a more positive light. They’ve been trying to shake off the perception of high prices and make it appear more like the neighborhood, classic grocery store it always had been.