Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Classic Acme! Brick, New Jersey

Classic photo courtesy of Patrick Richardson

Location: 1890 Route 88, Brick NJ

I'm not sure what's more fascinating in this classic photo… the Acme or the cars! Below is how the former Acme looks today. You can jump to full coverage of the this location by clicking here


  1. Thank you Patrick Richardson for supplying Acmestyle with this phenomenal photo of this Acme in my home turf area. Bricktown has become such a sea of commercialized big box stores and general strip malls; it’s great to be able to visualize what the town must have looked like.

  2. The Jo-Ann store closed recently. They opened a new store in Toms River and closed that one. I wish Acme would consider opening in the old Barnegat Genaurdi's.

    1. That's a great idea, If you live in barnegat you have to go to the Shoprite Waretown and shoprite manahawkin, I think acme would NOT open in barnegat because acme has not open a store 5 years. What I think is giant should move into new jersey and open in the barnegat genuardi's. Acme style
      You should do a bonus store on this store, it's a example of the New Jersey's genuardi's that's have not had a another store move in. All I am saying is that's ACME NEEDS TO MOVE INTO THE BARNEGAT GENUARDI'S!!!!!!!