Thursday, April 3, 2014

News Break:

Acme To Launch "We're Back" Media Campaign! 

Fascinating article on Philadelphia Business Journal about the new direction of Acme. Peter Van Allen spoke with Acme's President Jim Perkins who gives details about the future of the company. He reveals  a new TV and radio campaign will be rolled out in the coming weeks with a "We're Back" theme.  A long from version of the commercial is now available on youtube. You can view it just below... 

Some highlights from the article:
  • The Acme located at 10th and Reede in Philadelphia has just been remodeled
  • After years of delays, the Beach Haven store will be finally be torn down and replaced after the 2014 summer season
  • " The acquisition by Cerberus followed a few years of decline in which Acme lost its long-time position as market leader and was overtaken by Giant and ShopRite. In the most recent rankings by Food Trade News, Acme ranked third in market share, with sales of $1.5 billion and a market share of 18.25 percent."
  • "Jeff Metzger, editor of Food Trade News, said the deal was 'truly a good thing.' 'The fact that Acme will no longer be part of the ineptitude that’s existed for the past six years in Eden Prairie, Minn., that paralyzed the once-mighty [Acme] is a victory in itself,' said Metzger."
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Abandoned Pennsauken Acme
to be torn down…

The Pennsauken Acme will soon be torn down to make way for new town homes, some of which will be reserved for veterans. CBS Philly has the full report. I was not able to embed their video, so please click here to view it on their website.

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