Friday, March 28, 2014

Former Acme – Hamburg, Pennsylvania

Classic photos courtesy of John from

Location: 700 South 4th Street, Hamburg, PA

Another 50's styled Acme to feast our eyes on thanks to John and his travels around Pennsylvania! This is another extraordinary find. As you can see right off the bat, the store hasn't changed much since opening in May 16, 1960. It is looking a little sad and run down in the photo above but when we move in for a closer look, you can see much of the exterior is freshly painted and has been well maintained.

Looking much better here. It's really the brick wall across the front that is showing it's age so badly. Perhaps a good power wash could freshen it up.

This building is nearly identical to the abandoned Woodstown store. You can see the awning is an exact match...

The former bread delivery door is along the left side the Hamburg store. We'll head inside shortly.

The space looks to have been divided into two store fronts. Not sure what occupies this half of the store. Looks like the Salvation Army from the sign in the window.

The produce delivery doors converted to windows. Some sort of drop box has been added next to the original windows.

Additional windows and a couple of doors have been added along the side. The sides and back of the store have been cleaned up much better than the front.

Stairs have been added up to the compressor room doors. The beam over the door has apparently been removed. The former Brick Township store has a nearly identical back with the compressor beam still in place...

Loading docks still intact.

Heading around to the entrance...

Real carpets are likely covering up scars left by the magic carpets.

The former bread delivery door there in green.

The aisles of the Dollar General run parallel to the front of the store, the opposite way of Acme's aisles.

The interior has been renovated from floor to ceiling but still has that undeniable Acme-feel to it.

Along the back where the Meat Department used to be located.

Aerial Images… 

Notice the abandoned train cars behind the store.

A close-up of the rusting train.

Historic Images…





Thanks to John for the tour of another classic Acme location!


  1. Is there any word about why this Acme didn't make it? Is there a lot of competition nearby, or was it replaced by a more modern facility? This being a former Acme location farther away in PA, it's interesting how it compares with the former locations closer to me in NJ.

    1. It was most likely among the 45 Acmes Penn Traffic acquired in 1995… but I can't say for sure.

  2. Thanks for this post. No matter the type of store there now, it does have that Acme feel

  3. Hello. This is a great post and photos of the Hamburg, Pa. Acme (old store number 5516)
    This store WAS open for business in 1989, but closed sometime before June 1992. So it was not part of the great Penn Traffic Swindle.
    This store was serviced and supplied by the Forty Fort Acme Distribution Center (DC#5)

  4. WOW, this is a great post and great photos. However...this store was OPEN for business September 1989. And was closed sometime BEFORE June 1992, so it was not part of the Great Penn Traffic Swindle.
    The Hamburg, Pa Acme, Store # 5516 was serviced and supplied by Acme's Distribution Center #5 in Forty Fort, PA.

  5. It always cool to see an old building like this retain its original form.

    Have you ever looked at the historic ariels from PennPilot?:

    1. I gave it try. Can't seem to get the view to switch to any of the "Eras". Just stays on present day.

  6. Great find! The only thing I remember about Hamburg during the days I lived in Maryland and would travel through the area on my way to New Jersey is that they had this really isolated Food Lion. Like nowhere near any other store. Eventually they pulled the plug on it, and Redner's moved in.

    There also used to be a Coke canning plant, but it closed when the largest Coke bottler bought out all their independent customers.

  7. Awesome store. It is Acmes like this that you find which give me hope that there are remnants of old A&P decor all over the country. You just have to look in unsuspecting places, like Dollar General!

  8. It almost the same proto type as The Spring city,PA ACME store That opened in November,1957

  9. No idea what's in the right half of the building now, but in the mid-90's it was used as a Time Warner Cable office.