Monday, March 24, 2014

Former Acme – Upland, Pennsylvania

Location: 851 Upland Ave, Upland, PA

Acme opened at this location in June 1967. Closing date unknown. The current tenant is Sam and Sam Meats. This is a former pitched-roof which is disguised by the facade. It is also undetectable  from the interior which you can see in the photos below...

A drop ceiling has been added inside and the flooring has been changed out. It appears that there have been several tenants over the years. There are no clues inside that this store was ever an Acme.

Notice the mix of tiling on the floor.

Gigantic parking lot! This section looks to have the original pavement.

The Acme parking lot sign is gone but the stump remains.

Aerial Views...

Cooling units are a recent addition to the left side of the store. You'll see that they are not present in two of these aerial images.

The back doesn't have any of the features normally seen on pitched-roof Acmes. I didn't venture around to the back to see if there were any scares to be seen.

Historic Images...

The empty lot all the way to the right has been here since the shopping center was first built but has only recently been utilized. You can see up in the first aerial image that a building now stands in this area.







  1. In the late 90s/ early 00s this was an Aldi; I believe it closed around the time the Collingdale store opened.

  2. Makes sense...the floor looks leftover from Aldi. They are still using that same style as of a few years ago.

  3. This store draws people as far as Delaware due to its extensive selection of meat and cold cuts at reasonable prices. It does more in Meat then Acme ever did as a store I my self have stopped in when ever I have been in the area Gerry