Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Exton in the days after closing...

Location: 111 West Lincoln Highway, Exton, PA

"@" from the comment boards sent in some photos that were taken in the days after that Exton Acme closed for good.

"A leak in the sprinkler system took out some ceiling tiles, giving us a view of part of the original facade."

"A dumpster in back holding the plastic facing and neon tubes from the signs, along with what looks like drop ceiling brackets, but probably are not, as the ceiling remains intact as far as I could see. I was kinda hoping there would be an entire letter front, but they were all either broken or had been made in multiple parts."

"Lablescar on the back of the store this is the only sign that has completely been removed so far." (As of February 22)

For full coverage of the former Exton Acme, please click here.


  1. darn shame that this acme had to close.

  2. Probably Offtopic but I went to the Bensalem, PA Acme and guess what. It had the Alberstons Marketplace package remodel, But The past model before the Albertsons is DEFINITELY not the 90s remodel, either that or acme gave a extensive remodel and remove all 90s artifacts, also, The Bensalem Acme has a alcove on the left with all the service departments in it including produce. Floral runs as an AISLE. also as a PF&H Directory.

  3. When will the next post go up? Every day I come here, and I'm bored with seeing "Exton is the days after closing" every time. lol. Looking forward to the next great post.

    1. Tomorrow! Tuesdays and Fridays are posting days. They go up at 7am. If there isn't a post at 7:01 then there won't be one for that day. News Breaks are an exception as they can happen at any minute.