Thursday, July 30, 2009

Former Acme – Haddon Heights, New Jersey

Image courtesy of Michael Lisicky

Another incredible picture sent in to Acme Style by Michael Lisicky. This classic pitched-roof Acme, with it's very deluxe and perfectly preserved fish-eye logo sign, was located on King's Highway in Haddon Heights, New Jersey. Interesting to see the entrance and exit is located on the right side of the store. Pitched-roof Acme's, as well as 50's-70's styled Acmes nearly always had the entrance on the left side of the building. The front windows here are blue and green in color which I have seen on other pitched-roof stores. The coloring was probably added to cut down on sun glare in the store. Michael took this picture back in 1998.

Here's an aerial shot of the former Acme. CVS took over the location about 5 years ago. Parking seems to be very limited which was the case for alot of pitched-roof stores back in the day.


  1. This was a very busy active Acme even though there were other grocery chains in the area. Community was very established and Acme abandon it. I don't think former customers were rushing over to the one in Audubon. They had competition from Pathmark in Lawnside which closed and was taken over by ShopRite recently.

  2. I just rode by this! Like many former Acmes, it is now a CVS.