Monday, August 10, 2009

News Break:
"Competition taking a bite
out of Acme's Business"

Check out this great article on for more details. It was posted on July 8 and starts off with the labor dispute that came to a head in early July. The article goes on to detail Acme's plummeting market share in the Philadelphia region. Acme is still number one in Philly but market share has gone from 20.8 percent in 1996 to 13.6 percent this year. The article goes on to discuss the increasing competition from companies like ShopRite and Giant.

1 comment:

  1. Acme hasn't competed well on pricing in quite some time. The fact is, they are nothing special anymore. They don't have low prices (and if you don't have that today, you are screwed), they don't have in-store cafe's, or anything that is above ordinary. Even Genuardi's, which had reiculous prices until the economy starting heading south, has much more to offer. Superfresh is pretty much dead because of the same reason..hopefully the low-priced Pathmark conversions will be enough to save them.

    The article is pretty poorly written though. Wawa as a competitor? Wawa is good, but they aren't really competition with a grocery store. Wegmans prices higher than Giant? Please..the Wegmans near me is constantally lower than Giant on everyday household things.