Saturday, May 9, 2009

More Acmes coming soon! I haven't posted a whole lot in the last few weeks here at Acme Style. It's certainly not due to me running out of material. The opposite is actually true. Been hitting the road a couple of time of the last few weeks to get pictures of abandoned stores. There's more out there than I would have guessed there to be. Also visiting alot of former pithced-roof stores. Seems everytime I take a road trip to check out some stores, I wind up coming across lots I didn't know about. Also discovering that driving around the Philadelphia area can be a complete nightmare. Only made it to one of my scheduled stops today even though I had five on the list. Stopped at far too many Acmes that are still in business, then wound up getting lost. I did stumble across an abandoned Super Fresh that's going to make a great Bonus Store! Other road trips have proved far more successful than this one. Trying to get as many under my belt before the summer Jersey shore traffic makes these trips impossible.

I am going to be posting lots of new entries in the next couple of weeks. Hope to do at least two a week. I have quite a backlog of stores at this point. Also have pics to share that readers have sent in. More memorabilia coming soon too.

Thanks for checking out Acme Style! I have been getting alot of emails from readers sharing information and sending in pictures. It's great to know people out there are enjoying all of this blog! Check back soon!


  1. Hi there:

    Found your website by accident. Was browsing it and noticed your history info. It reminds me of when i was a kid and Acme had a stores on Long Island, NY. My dad worked for them in the meat dept. back in the 60's. Question: Does Acme still have a policy of not selling cigarettes and beer? Thats what i remember my dad telling me about Acme that made them unique [and i would say respectible],compared with other stores of the day. Well. I still live on Long Island now 40 years later and have not seen one Acme store. Too bad i was told by my mom that they were great to shop at.

  2. That policy is long gone as far as I know! Acme does sell cigarettes and has a small amount of stores that carry alcohol. No Acmes left on Long Island and they're disappearing quickly from other areas like North Jersey and eastern PA.