Thursday, May 28, 2009

Abandoned Acme! Williamstown, New Jersey

This style of Acme was built in the late 80's. An updated and larger version of the stores that were built throughout the 80's. This type had more of a "superstore" feel to it but didn't last very long. In the early 90's, American Stores developed a new design that became the standard Acme for much of the decade. You can see a pic of this new type in the Yardley post. I'll be posting more pics in the future of these types of stores.

Emergency exit door in the same spot as 80's styled Acmes.

Entrance and Exit.

You can see the labelscar of the Acme oval sign.

Lonely sign with not much too offer. You can see Acme's red oval logo painted over at the top. Not sure where Jamesway had their roadside sign. Would think their's was bigger than Acme's.

A closer look.

An even closer look.

The back of the store was definitely designed for some serious sales volume.

Why couldn't just one of these doors be unlocked so I could take a peak inside? I think the interior decor of this store was probably the same look as the 80's remodel.

Image courtesy of joshaustin610s photostream on flickr

Here's another former Acme with the same design. This store is in the Lehigh Valley Mall. The picture comes to Acme Style courtesy of Josh and his photostream on flickr. Click here to check out his incredible collection of store photos on flickr!

The large store the to right was a Jamesway. I read somewhere online that when Jamesway went under the Acme suffered with less traffic coming to the shopping center.


  1. Nintendo85 again. I have some pictures of this plaza on my Flickr photostream if you are interested in seeing them, including the back of that brown sign which has a much more visible Acme logo on it. The Jamesway was home to offices for a clothing company called ''Castleford Tailors'' for the past few years, but upon a recent visit to the plaza it appears they have now left the building, with the Jamesway once again being vacant. Sadly, the clothing company ruined the place by renovating the interior into boring offices, with only the exterior remaining Jamesway original (unless they didn't use the storage area jutting out from the back-right - that might still be Jamesway original, who knows?) Anyway, the Acme is now pushing 15 years vacancy and I don't think it will be converted into anything anytime soon. Maybe a Big Lots will come and open up there.

  2. Development is starting to pop up in this area. Several housing developments have been built as well as a new one scheduled for construction; a Rite Aid and PNC Bank have recently been built down the street near this Acme, along with a Checkers fast food restaurant under construction and almost ready to open. I wonder if we will see anything new in relation to this old Acme.

  3. Yet another update....something is finally happening to this Acme. I passed by earlier today and the whole front of the store was gated off. I spotted a few people around the building, presumably construction workers.

  4. What do you think they are gonna build?

  5. It is being converted into a "dollar general"

  6. I've read online there was once a Food Fair/ Pantry Pride in Williamstown; I seem to be having trouble finding any info on where it was though. Does anyone have any info?

  7. I actually found the exact date this store closed: January 28th, 1995.

  8. The Supremo (Supreme Food Market) had a giant loading dock on the back right. And it's enclosed compared to the Kmart

  9. Concerning the lighting in the '80's stores:
    Some had the rectangular fluorescent lamps like at Princeton Junction, Others had the mercury vapor hood lamps, like at Clementon, and others, like Westtown had the more 90's-styled fluorescent strips. I am confused as to when and where these each were used. It seems like the Princeton-type lighting was for the earlier models, but the hoods and Westtown-type lights seem to have been used interchangeably. Was there any reason for it? Please help me clarify!

  10. Something else is going into this old store! It's going into the right half. I have no idea what it is yet; I didn't see any signage explaining what the construction work was for. This will just leave the center piece vacant.