Monday, June 8, 2009

Former Acme — Philly, PA

(image above courtesy of Michael Lisicky)

Acme Style is, once again, very excited to present another photo sent in by Michael Lisicky. This store was located on the corner of 43rd and Locust in Philadelphia. Michael took this picture back in 1996. Closed and boarded up by then unfortunately but great to see the tower and parking lot sign still intact. The parking lot sign is one of the first outside signs that I have seen with that version of the logo. I had only ever seen that logo on packaging, uniforms and in store signage.

Here is the store today... CVS... now that's a surprise! Certianly a world of difference since it's Acme days. This is a screen grab from Google's Street View just about from the same exact spot where Michael took his picture!

Here's a Live Maps shot that shows how incredibly small the store was. Were the aisles short and many or long and few?


  1. Wow! That's a really amazing find!!!

    By the way, Acme Style, can you please contact Michael Lisicky and ask him if he has any pictures of Jamesway department stores? I've seen his contributions to Labelscar and he seems to have lots of good pictures of old stores. Thanks in advance!

  2. I shopped at this store as a University of Pennsylvania graduate student from 1965-1967. In 1966, the store was totally remodeled and looked great! To answer the question, aisles were long and few. Typical arrangement: Produce on far wall, Meat in the rear, Dairy and Bakery on the wall closest to the entrance. The parking lot signs were part of the remodel, replacing the original ivory metal with blue cursive "Acme." After the store closed, it was used as a maintenance center for the Philadelphia division.

  3. so sad that Cvs destroyed the perfect example of 1950's architecture...