Thursday, November 2, 2017

Check out this email from ACME!

They're not back in any stores I shop in! Comments have been coming into the blog for various locations that the self-checkouts are getting reinstalled. Most recently 19th and Oregon Pike in Philly and the Westmont New Jersey stores. Don't know why they aren't fast tracking the return of self-checkouts to the former A&Ps and Pathmarks. Removing them did nothing but alienate potential Acme shoppers as you can clearly see for yourself in yelp and google reviews for any of the converted stores.

The strange thing about this subject line is there is no mention IN the email about the self-checkouts. I looked through the new circular and it's got nothing. No information on Acme's website either. Just the subject line. Oh well... it's a promising sign nonetheless!


  1. Kenilworth is getting aelf xheckouts right now

  2. Ridley Acme self-checkouts returned a few weeks ago. What a difference!

  3. My guess is that the Acme in Doylestown (my local acme) probably won't get these because of their limited front-end space. As it is, they pack in a whopping 14-20 checkouts, plus express lanes. It would be impossible to add those in, unless they take over the sale section near the right end of the store, which still isn't that big at all.

    1. Unless they simply removed a couple of the regular lanes to make room (which would still leave plenty of them with the amount you quote)?

  4. The Acme on Bristol Road in Bensalem never had their Self Checkout taken out

  5. They better bring them back to King of Prussia. This week marks one year since I stopped shopping there...

  6. Self-checkouts are back at Foulk & Naamans in Wilmington.