Thursday, October 19, 2017

Acme President's Role Expanding!

News Break: 

No need to panic, he will continue to be President of Acme Markets as well. Let's just hope he doesn't get spread to thin. While there have been numerous improvements at Acme since Perkins returned in June, I'm personally not convinced that the acquired A&P stores are living up to their potential. At least the ones I have been visiting for the blog. An article at Supermarket News goes into a little more detail regarding this subject...

Perkins, who had returned to Acme as its president in June — he previously served in that role from 2012-2015 — had been overseeing the integration of the 76 stores that Albertsons acquired from A&P through bankruptcy. 

Those acquired stores had deteriorated significantly during the A&P bankruptcy, Flickinger said, but most have seen strong improvements under the leadership of Perkins and his team, according to Flickinger. 

“Overall they have done very well with the A&P conversions, particularly given the distressed state of the stores, the inventory, the deferred cap-ex and the absolute chaos that was caused [during the bankruptcy],” he said, noting that “a pocket” of the acquired locations are still “challenging".

Burt Flickinger is the managing director of Strategic Resource Group, New York. So it's good to hear an outside source saying that Acme is doing better with their acquired stores. Interested to know exactly where the "pocket" of challenging stores is.

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  1. I think that this is the start of the Eastern Division and the ACME Markets Division becoming one.

    1. Seems it would make sense - they obviously needed a separate division when it was the only thing (or just about) that the company had in that area, but now that there are more stores in the area putting them together seems logical.

  2. Perkins for a short time ran Acme and over saw the Eastern Division if Safeway before being kicked upstairs. But it could mean a stream lining of functions, particularly with Acme scheduled to be taking over their in Denver Warehouse from Super Value this coming year.Also the support contract with SuperValue expires this year UE store services. Safeway has these functions payroll etc..Thus would save them money.