Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Burlington Acme is now Halloween Spirit!

This video is a little rough. The camera never stops moving for a second but you will get some glimpses of the now abandoned Burlington Acme.

Half of the store is being used for Halloween Spirit. You can see the aisle markers are still hanging just beyond the rear displays.

The other half of the store still filled with Acme's stuff...

Thanks to Stephen G for sending in the photos!


  1. Halloween Spirit is actually just a pop-up shop, there's no guarantees that it will stay. If you look on their store locator (https://stores.spirithalloween.com), you can see that they say "Former ____" for a lot of the stores. There's always one in the Pier 1 Imports in Phillipsburg, NJ; and (I'm pretty sure), and the store in Quakertown, PA in the BJ's-Target center, about a minute away from the old Acme.

    1. Yes, I meant now as in today... not forever. Should have made that more clear. They'll be outta here in about two weeks.

    2. Hopefully they don't make a return appearance. Back in the day they used to be in an old American Appliance store down by the mall, and that lasted a decade

    3. Acme Style-- ok. Just wanted to make sure that there wasn't a year-round lease!

      Steve-- I agree. These stores ruin the shopping center, especially if an anchor tenant is gone!

    4. What is wrong with the pop up Halloween stores? Easy rent for the landlord on an otherwise empty store, and helps draw in some traffic--although temporarily.

    5. There is nothing wrong with them, but it is sad that some locations keep getting reused.

    6. Probably with good reason. My local Spirit Halloween is in a Giant store that closed back in 2013 and has been vacant since except when Halloween rolls around. The store is surrounded by tons of retail, but it isn't visible from any main roads making it a tough sell (and definitely won't be used as a grocery store again).