Thursday, April 23, 2015

TBT from Acme!

About 4 months ago, Acme posted a "Throw Back Thursday" photo on Instagram of the classic sign on the Manasquan store. Whoever posted it must have know the sign's days were finally numbered.

A photo posted by Acme Markets (@acmemarkets) on

While I hated to see the classic sign go, they did a really great job with the update...

For extensive full of the "World's Most Classic Acme", please click here. A tour of the remodeled interior coming this summer!


  1. I'm really curious to see whether or not the old Produce flooring survived the remodel!

  2. I recently was reading the 1999 Annual Report from Albertsons, just after they swallowed American Stores. They actually referenced Acme in the first sentence, and I quote: "Albertson’s, Inc., operates as a supermarket named Acme in Philadelphia, a drugstore named Osco in Chicago,
    and a combination food and drug store named Albertson’s in Bend, Oregon." I took it to mean that they had in essence killed Acme and was wearing its skin as a suit. They even referred to Acme as the "Eastern Region". Gosh. There's a TBT that we don't really want to remember...