Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Max Pak Is Back!

 Photos courtesy of AbercrombieeMike

Recently, AbercrombieeMike came across the Max Pak label on some jumbo chicken packs. This may be the first reappearance of the super-sized packaging that was Acme's answer to the warehouse club boom of the the early 90's. 

Update 4.8.15: AbercrombieeMike found this packaging at the Ogletown Acme located at 1 University Plaza, Newark, DE. 

The original MAX Pak logo as seen in a circular from March 1994...

Same tag line too!


  1. Safeway (at least in Delaware) also is selling products in these big sizes. They didn't have a concept like Max Pac in the 90's but had no-frills stores called Pak N Save, mostly in California.

  2. Is Safeway using the Max Pak branding now?