Thursday, April 16, 2015

Milltown Update!

Location: 300 Ryders Lane, Milltown NJ

Despite previous reports on the blog, the Milltown Acme is NOT getting remodeled. Improvements are underway and signage in desperate need of updating is getting tended to. The changes are happening at a snail's pace so it's not easy to see the overall plan at the moment.

New lighting in Produce. Huge improvement especially in the back corner which used to be pretty dark. As mentioned previously, the layout of the Produce Department has been simplified.

"Snack Center" and "Beverage Boulevard" signage has been removed. Those signs were used in lieu aisle markers so currently there is no indication to the aisle's contents.

"Reading Center" is finally gone! Magazines and books were moved from this location years ago. Can't image what the delay has been for such a simple fix.

Soda bottles and chips bowl props have been removed...

My thought is Acme removed the signs and props from this area to reduce the focus on junk foods. especially for shoppers entering at the Produce side. The rotating "Meal Center" sign just inside the entrance was also removed but all other hanging signs remain.

I'm assuming new aisle markers will be going up throughout the store but who knows. I think full remodels move along faster than the minor changes that are happening in Milltown.

The former café seating area now home to construction equipment.

Video signage has been removed and he former home of the TV monitors has been covered over. Café seating has been moved into this area and there is also a mega-coffee-dispensing-contraption set up in there. I'll get some better pictures when the area is complete. Self checkouts remain untouched. I would think at this point they might be staying but time will tell. More Milltown updates to come.

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  1. Think it might still be a remodel, just moving painfully slowly?

    1. No. There is absolutely no remodeling going on, just removal of outdated signage, new lighting and some rearranging of things.

  2. I guess this could be considered a store refresh. I wonder how much of the store will be repainted, since I doubt they will leave new drywall unpainted. Hopefully the exterior sign will be finally aligned.

  3. Whew! What a relief. I'm glad that this decor is still staying, because it's fantastic! It's just sad that they removed the chips, soda barrel, "beverage boulevard" and "snack central" signs, and the chef. It'd be a shame to see it go, since the only other Acme it's in is Yardville. Of course, I'm sure there's a few Albertson's stores with this decor, as well.

  4. It seems that removing the props was combined with a full reset of the aisles. So, I guess they removed the soda and chips props because they were moving soda and chips to different aisles.