Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Classic Marsh Supermarket!

Video courtesy of BrownJulius

After hearing of the impending demise of Marsh Supermaketes, I headed over to Youtube to see if there were any interesting videos of their stores and I totally hit the jackpot! BrownJulius shot this excellent video of the classic Greenwood Indiana Marsh Supermarket which had been hardly touched since the 70's. It looks like the 80's got its revenge on the wall above the lunch and meat departments, however.  The 70's areas of the store, right down the the floor, have similar elements to the Acmes of the 70's. Then again, most supermarkets during that era had very similar d├ęcor style. Thinking outside the box wasn't as trendy back in those days. Below is the write BrownJulius has for his video...

Published on Dec 2, 2015
Having spent a great deal of time in Muncie's Marsh Supermarket as a wee child in the late 70s, I was delighted to find one that looked pretty much exactly the same still standing in Greenwood in 1999. I had my trusty Sony Digital 8 with me, but the battery was near dead. Shot a tragically small amount of footage, fully intending to come back. When I did a few months later- too late! Gone forever.

And keep an eye out at the very end for a quick look at the same clock Acme had in their stores in the 70's and 80's! I caught it the first time I watched the video but forgot to mention it. Thanks to Thomas for writing in and pointing that out!

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