Friday, May 26, 2017

ACME Circular Bag!

Just a quickie for today... found this on my front porch yesterday, stuffed with circulars. Haven't seen an Acme branded circular bag in a while now. They were a pretty constant thing back when Acme returned to North Jersey. Nice to see some advertising from the company. The TV commercials have long been gone, as too all the billboards that were all over the place. And especially nice to see Acme going harder with their lower prices, which have in fact improved over the past few months. Now if they would just address their disastrous front-ends! I started typing a recent experience that I had at the West New York store but stopped. I'm as exhausted from complaining about the lines as I have been from waiting in them!!! 


  1. I've heard some 2 second advertising clips on a 'local' Philly radio station...something like 'O Organics a fresh take on organic'...although sometimes when they play it they say 'Available at Safeway' or 'Available at Albertsons'...whoops!

  2. I was in the Ogletown (Newark DE) store the other day and they had finally ripped out the self checkouts. They put in two new express registers in that space. And updated the other register lights, but that seemed about it. The new registers are dark brown wood color while the old ones are still the metal ones.

    they even have the old dollar section mostly intact, though it is not the dollar section any more, of course. They just have a variety of stuff stocked there.

    The only other thing I think they did in the past 15 or so years was that they put in refrigerated cases in dairy with doors. And I think the salad bar may be fairly new, but I can't say for certainty. I have been meaning to photograph the store but haven't gotten around to it.