Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Store Count

The following Acme has closed:


Location: 2200 Mount Holly Road, Burlington, NJ 

This store was scheduled to close on February 16th. I don't have confirmation if it closed that exact date or a little earlier. The store was done in by an expanded Walmart in the same shopping center and a new ShopRite which opened in 2015 just down the road. For additonal coverage of the two former Burlington Acmes please click here


  1. This store may be a sign of things to come in NJ. Same-store sales are down at Acme and across all Safeway and Albertsons banners nationwide, plus Albertsons still cannot generate interest in its IPO--and now with sales in the negative territory, it seems unlikely they will get it done going forward.
    This article was posted last week in the Food Institute website: https://foodinstitute.com/blog/acme-stumbling-in-north-jersey

    1. Thanks for the article! Just featured it in a NewsBreak post.

    2. when there was the bradles next to it was a shopn bag franchise store as well as a thrift drug in that row. before that it was a food fair/pantry pride and a jm fields
      i serviced both the bradlees and shop n bag as well as the old 130 store long time ago before 1992 scaggs owned acme then