Friday, February 3, 2017

Deluxe Quality Built Remodel in Aubudon!

Location:100 Black Horse Pike, Audubon, NJ 

The extensive remodel in Audubon is now complete and the store looks fantastic!

Floral has been relocated to the front of the store. It was previously located, and somewhat hidden,  just past the Produce Department. New flooring has been put in throughout the service departments and Produce. As deluxe as this remodel was, Aubudon did not get the fake hardwood flooring like other stores have been given.

Photos were sent in by an anonymous contributor. It seems that some were taken with a different camera which is why you might notice some quality and color differences.

Brand-new cake cases! Former home to fresh baked bread.


A world of difference on this side of the Bakery! Upright cake cases which are a million times better than the usual coffin cases. And finally.... deluxe display cases for pastries and bread. I don't know what took Acme so long to upgrade their Bakery displays. They have been seriously lagging behind all other competitors.


Acme certainly taking a cue from Wegmans' with their brand-new "Healthy Snack Center".

Salad Bar has been moved from along the side wall to a free-standing bar.

Another cue from Wegmans'? Hot Foods bar and it's looking pretty nice from this vantage point.


All new upright cases along the former Salad Bar wall.


Not sure if all the tiling behind the service departments have been replaced. They may have just swapped out the decorative strip from the Chalkboard Market remodel.


Looks like the Lancaster Brand sign got hung a little too high. If it was attached as well as it was in other stores, it will be pealing off the wall in no time.

Heading into the arched roof portion of the store which is a hold over from the former Penn Fruit store that was once located here. New flooring all along the back as well.


Can't tell if this turned out to be a double wide aisle or not!  The soda display is blocking our view. It is unusual for a double-wide aisle to have two aisle markers.

New flooring through frozen and along most of the front-end...

Deluxe Pharmacy...

I can tell you what's not quality built these days at Acme.... the register lights! They don't stand straight for very long. The lights in all the stores in my area are leaning one way or the other. Some looking like they're going to topple completely over at any minute, day after day after day. Makes the front-end of the stores look terrible. The registers here were not swapped out for the new wood-venier stands that are being put in some remodels and A&P converted stores.

Kennedy Fast Care has been added since this store was fully covered on the blog 3 years ago.

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  1. It's nice (don't get me wrong) but it's never as nice as the variant that was only on a few Philly models (like Devon) and numerous Jewel-Osco stores.