Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Deluxe Quality Built Remodel in Lincroft!

Location:616 Newman Springs Road, Lincroft, NJ

The Lincroft Acme is continuing to celebrate its grand reopening which officially began on January 20th. The store received a deluxe remodel similar to the remodel in Audobon which is continuing its grand reopening as well. Both stores were among the few to still have the Chalkboard Market décor package. While Audobon had been remodeled with that package, Lincroft has been sporting the décor since opening day back in 1999. While various upgrades have happened here over the years, there hasn't been a full remodel done in 17 years. You never would have guessed that since the store had been impeccably maintained all those years.

No changes to the exterior. The Sav-on signage remains outside with no mention of it inside.

The new Starbucks is officially open. We had a preview of this new addition a few weeks ago while the remodel was underway. This alcove had previously been used for seasonal merchandise. I don't believe Lincroft ever had a coffee shop despite the fact that Starbucks was somewhat standard issue in the Chalkboard Market remodels. This alcove always seemed like a perfect spot for Starbucks. Perhaps one was planned for this store but it didn't wind up happening. Maybe there was one here and it was yanked out like in so many other stores. Regardless, Lincroft has does have a Starbucks now although you would never know it from the outside. I didn't see a single sign indicating a Starbucks was here which may explain why it was completely dead the whole time I was in the store. And I was here in the morning.

New cake cases facing the entrance! Lincroft has always had an exceptional Bakery and this remodel just kicked it up to a whole other level.

Beautiful new flooring AND new produce displays!

This was the first time seeing these great new displays.

Deluxe new displays in the Bakery similar to what we saw in Aubodon. It's unfortunate Acme doesn't offer a more unique selection for their "Artisan Bread". Pretty much all the same stuff ShopRite sells, with both chains being blown away by the selection at the increased variety at most Stop and Shops. As I've mentioned before, Acme lost out big time when they gave up carrying Culinary Circle's fresh baked bread. While the ties to SuperValu had to be broken, Acme should have hung on to the bread as Safeway brought absolutely nothing in comparison.

There are areas of this store that are so nice, it's hard to believe it's an Acme!

Hot Foods here too! Have to say, the food looked really good. Tons of vegetables and a surprisingly light selection of deep fried garbage.

Salad Bar was moved from the wall to a stand-alone display. Acme is rolling out some of the nicest display cases in the industry today!

Former home to the Salad Bar. Cases now line this area leaving the prep area intact. Aubdon lost its prep area but that store is much larger overall.

This back corner is now bright and easy to navigate. This are used to feel more like a cave.

Free standing snack center! I'm interested to see how long these stick around. A&P rolled out a similar bulk foods department in many of their "fresh" remodels but it wasn't long before they get removed. Acme's signage does bring a degree of excitement to the bulk food buying experience.

The tile did not get replaced in the service department but it's still a very nice match to the décor. Lots of flat screens added all around!

There's a huge flat screen up in the corner on the right side. Didn't get a picture of it. Cooking demonstrations were playing on the screen.

Crammed in pretty tight. The kerning between Y and o in every single store absolutely kills me.

I pointed this out back when we previed the remodel... Foods To Go is actually healthy frozen. You can take it to go but you can't eat it til it gets cooked. Isn't that the opposite of foods to go??? Very odd.

All the crazy PF&H category markers are gone! The new shelving looks to have been built higher. This is a size-challenged store. Tops out at 14 aisles and the remodel called for both seasonal and greeting cards to get absorbed into the grocery aisles.

I believe the entire store received new flooring but I can't confirm. Again, the place has always been impeccably maintained.

Old hardwood floors and drum lights are gone from the Frozen aisles. I believe laundry detergent used be along the right aisle which thankfully it's not anymore.

Dairy was expanded along the back wall.

No Sav-on here!

Huge improvement in this corner! The greeting cards got the boot which really opened up this section. It used to be so dark and gloomy over here. Funny thing now is that Floral is a HUGE department in respect to the overall size of the store.

Looks dead but the store was extremely busy. Plenty of registers open which kept lines short and hardly a free spot in the parking lot.

Customer Service has been moved out onto the floor and surrounded with express registers. This are used to be home to the self-checkouts.

Former Customer Service is now used as a seating area. Looks more like the employee break room though.

Simply put... this is now one of the most beautiful Acmes I have ever been to. Wish I could shop here more often!

Couldn't check out the welcome signage in either vestibule with the giant chip displays covering them over.

Wish Acme would take that tagline and run with it. They still have "Something More for Less" on the bags even though all the price reductions from that era have been wiped out and jacked back up. "Getting Better Everyday" has been retired. "Your local favorite supermarket" is still in use but rather sparingly. "You're in for something fresh" is printed on the top of receipts but not seen anywhere else as far as I know. In my opinion, it's time for Acme to get focused, pick a tagline, and stick with it!

Correction: Acme does use the "Something More For Less" line on sale signage and shelf tags. Unfortunately the lowered "everyday" prices that came along with that price-lowering campaign are long gone now.


  1. Do you think that if/when they remodel the Milltown Acme, they might put the starbucks in again, even though they just took the bucks county coffee out a few years back?

    1. I seriously doubt there will be a Starbucks OR a remodel coming to Milltown anytime soon. If Acme had any thought of doing a remodel there, they would have done it during the refresh/reset of 2015.