Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Return of America's Choice!

In Name Only...   

Sav-a-lot has debuted the completely overhauled product line acquired from A&P back in April. Turns out all they took in the deal was the name. Absolutely everything else has changed... the logo, packaging AND the food. As of now, Sav-a-lot is using this new brand for their line of indulgent prepared/ready-to-serve foods. They've added "Creations" to the name for this particular category. Sav-a-lot plans to roll the name out to other food categories in their stores as they move to having one name for all of their private labeled products. Certainly looks as though the America's Choice we knew at A&P is officially dead and gone.

Some screenshots of Sav-A-Lot's website...

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  1. Interesting! I went to Ollies Bargain Outlet a few months ago and they STILL have America's choice apple sauce and canned items.