Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Extensive Remodel Underway at Lincroft!

Photos courtesy of Dan Asnis

Location: 616 Newman Springs Road, Lincroft, NJ

Lincroft is undergoing its very first remodel since opening in 1999! While the store has had a handful of upgrades over the years, with a good amount of the original décor already stripped away, an official full-remodel has not happened. I was surprised the Quality Built décor didn't go in when the lighting was swapped out around the store last winter. (Coverage of the lighting swap can be viewed here). It would have been an easy thing to do since most of what neede to happen was fresh paint on the walls and new depatment signage. As we can see now, Acme was cooking up some bigger plans for this store.

Cake cases moved to the very front of Bakery. These used to be located around the corner with fresh bread racks located in this spot.

One thing that won't be missed in this store, is Acme's worst-ever Bakery sign. Still a mystery how things went so terribly wrong here. The sooner this sign winds up in the dumpster, the better!

Produce will be getting new flooring. Some other areas of the store will be getting new flooring as well but I doubt the whole store will be done. Time will tell.

New deluxe Salad Bar! Its original home is getting brand-new upright cases...

Funny how they're leaving the old signs up while they paint the walls. They're not long for this world. I imagine the produce cases will soon be painted black.

Self-checkouts finally gone! Additional express checkouts have been installed at the other end as well...

Looks like the greeting cards have been moved out of this corner. It was rather congested with the cards crammed into Floral.

SuperValu's PF&H aisle markers soon headed for the trash along with the approximately 10,000 category markers up and down every aisle...

Truth be told, they went a little overboard with all of these signs.

Full coverage of Lincroft will be coming to Acme Style once the remodel is complete! Click here for addtional coverage of this store.


  1. It's a good effort with all those category markers, but a full reset would be a nightmare in that store! Even a partial or small reset would be a pain!

  2. Gee, you think they might sell water in that store? Not like you'd know by the signs ;)