Friday, October 21, 2016

Parkesburg Still Standing!

Courtesy of John from

Location: 120 First Ave, Parkesburg, PA

A very recent photo of the Parkesburg store sent in by John. The place has hardly aged a day since it closed back in 2003. It's nothing short of a miracle that the sign is still completely intact. I would have thought the landlord would have painted over it or covered it by now. Fortunately for us, that hasn't happened! For a detailed look at this abandoned classic, please click here


  1. I drive by here relatively often. Some windows were broken and replaced, but aside from that, this hasn't changed one bit.

  2. Google street view drove through the parking lot in November 2015. There's some great views there!

  3. Maybe just as surprising that Acme itself wouldn't want to remove the signage, as most stores like to do once a location is closed (aside from those where the whole chain is closing).