Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Return to the Former Milford Acme!

Photo above courtesy of Ben from Delaware

Location: 117 South East Front Street, Milford DE

Today we're taking a quick return to the former pitched-roof Acme in Milford, Delaware. The store has been covered on the blog previously thanks to Ben from Delaware. This time around we're getting a look at the back room area which is now being utilized as sales floor space. 

Interior photos courtesy of Will aka B-More Retial on flickr

The interior has remains mostly untouched from it's Acme days except for some fresh paint. This store is nearly identical to the abandoned Parkesburg store.

Classic Acme air vents along the former Produce wall. Notice the clock just about that shopper's left shoulder! We've seen it at several locations including the abandoned flat-rrofed store in Woodstown, New Jersey. Click here for a closer look.

Update: Will just sent in an extreme close-up of the clock!

In this shot, Will was standing just behind the Deli facing what would have been the Meat room. The spot lights that illuminated the meat cases can still be seen running along the drop ceiling along the left side of the photo. Notice the stairs in the distance that lead up to the second floor, which may have been replaced since the Acme left.

Looking toward the corner Deli and back room space.

Not sure what were looking at here. The brick walled room in the back there may have been the trash room.

Stairs to the second floor! I believe Acme's stairs were located along the rear wall so these may have been added after Acme left. The break room, bathrooms and compressor room were located up there.

Thanks to Will for the pictures of the former Milford Acme!

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