Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Today's store post got zapped!

Well folks, so much for today's post. I was putting the finishing touches on it last night and while I was attempting to add one last picture, blogger zapped all of the content. It was too late to try to recreate it so I'm moving on to Friday's post. The content for today's featured store will be recreated in the next week or two.


  1. Wow, that's terrible. Blogger needs a complete revamp, but it's kind of been frozen by Google and their unwillingness to update it.

    1. They couldn't care less about it. Now they're shutting down Picasa where all of my pictures are stored. I can't even find the photos from the lost post to put them into a new post!

  2. Your followers appreciate all of your efforts. The coverage of A&P store conversions over the past 8 months has been terrific.

  3. Yeah! You rock, and the effort you've gone to preserve Acme's history is a tremendous effort.