Monday, March 28, 2016

Quakertown Acme...


Location: 195 N West End Blvd, Quakertown, PA
Opened in 1998 
Closed August 23, 2007 

Last week, Jason, aka Kapi, left a link to photos he had taken of the Quakertown store getting demolished. At this point, it looks like a majority of the front of the store is being removed with the remainder of the building being left intact. TJMaxx and HomeGoods will be moving in to the former Acme. Jason said he will be taking more pictures so we'll get to see how the conversion plays out. The photo above is how the store looked back in 2009. It remained in that condition until just recently. Below are photos Jason took over 3 different days in March...




To view additional photos in Jason's collection, please click here.

The Acme in better days...

Sadly, this store only lasted 9 years despite Acme's presence in Quakertown for decades.

Quakertown's previous Acme locations...

200 N West End Blvd, Quakertown, PA
Opened: 1970's

This aerial image is from 1992 showing the 33M style Acme. The building was still standing as of 1999 but was torn down to make way for a Kohls department store. 

26 North Fourth Street, Quakertown, PA
Opened: December 16, 1953

Quakertown's very first Acme on Fourth Street. You can see the tower and it's shadow on the upper right corner of the building. The store has since been torn down.

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Thanks to Jason for sharing his awesome photos!


  1. Kind of funny (in a way) that their older store was taken down for a Kohl's, as they are fairly well know for doing just what is happening to the newer store (taking off the front façade and redoing that) for many of their locations in existing buildings.

  2. You're welcome for the pictures! I'll certainly keep you posted! =)

    As far as the other pictures in my gallery, across the street is a Kmart store, which was (at the time of the picture) rumored to be closing. Store Closing banners are now hung on the roof, and I'll try to get pictures of the inside and add them to the gallery.

    For some good news on that side, a Grocery Outlet is opening up in the space formally occupied by Sears Hardware, which closed at the end of last year. This is right next to Dollar Tree and the Dental office, which is where Blockbuster used to be.

    About the sign that reads Walmart and Acme deliveries. I just took this picture for the fun of it. Aside from the post on here, this is the only evidence remaining of an Acme ever being in this shopping center.

    And finally, I do apologize for the quality of the earlier pictures. My cell phone has a really cruddy camera, but it's all I usually have with me. The newer ones were taken with a better camera, and that's what I'll keep using for newer pictures.

    1. I was wondering how long that Kmart was going to seemed to survive against Walmart for quite a while, but a new Target and other retailers opened on the other side of town a few years back and took what little business they had left.

      If you have a chance, check out the next nearest Kmart in Doylestown. This must be one of Kmart's top performing stores as it is always busy and is well maintained for a Kmart.

  3. My set of photos from that Kmart (Quakertown) back in late 2014. Sounds like they're pulling the plug on more stores, which isn't a huge shock.

  4. On September 19th, 2016, the stores have officially opened. There is room for a third tenant in the ACME... hrm.