Monday, March 21, 2016

Acme store closing:
The following stores will be closing on or before April 28, 2016.
Each store's lease is coming to an end and
Acme has decided not to renew.

 Bridgeton, NJ

29 Cornwell Drive, Bridgeton, NJ

The Bridgeton Acme has some tough competition including ShopRite, Walmart and Aldi all located nearby. You can view full coverage of the Bridgeton store by clicking here.

Shrewsbury, NJ

1080 Broad Street, Shrewsbury, NJ

The closing of Shrewsbury is somewhat of a non-event. This day was coming the minute Acme acquired the A&P Fresh across the street. It will be sad to see this classic location go but shoppers in the area now have a beautiful and much larger Acme to shop at. Below is an aerial image showing the proximity of the two stores. The new Acme will be coming to the blog this Friday. For full coverage of the Shrewsbury store, please click here

Oxford, PA

Photos courtesy of Gary A.

Location: 2176 Baltimore Pike, Oxford, PA

Another classic location closing is the Oxford store. While it's sad to see this one go too, it has remained open years longer than expected. This place has been rumored for closing since practically since the day Acme Style started. For full coverage of this store, please click here.

While Acme is about to lose 3 stores off its total count, it is soon gaining 2 new stores in Patterson, New York and Boonton, New Jersey.


  1. Oxford outlasted the SuperFresh (which became a Tractor Supply), got some new competition when Redner's moved in (a few years before I sent in the photos), but the final nail was the Walmart Supercenter that opened a few years ago. I am honestly surprised the Oxford store didn't give up the ghost then, but it hung on. The rent was probably pretty low.

    A lot of new retail sprung up around the Walmart, so people had less of a reason to travel through town to get to the Acme, which was all by itself. Will be sad to see it go, though.

  2. One of the commenters on the cracked me up when they put the blamemed Trader Joe's for the Shrewsbury Acme's closing what the obvious reason is A&P turned Acme Across the street

    1. I had a similar laugh when a new and much larger Martin's was opened in Rising Sun MD. Someone I talked to actually believed that they could keep the old store up and running. Like a town that small (and the surrounding communities) needs two of the exact same chain.

      It eventually became a Big Lots.

  3. I'm not at all surprised by the closing of the Shrewsbury location. That place has been on its deathbed for years. I'm saddened by the news about Oxford because there aren't many 33M stores left and that one seems fairly original in terms of layout. I might have to make the drive to check it out before the end of April.

    1. Shrewsbury might have been on its deathbed, but A&P's sky-high prices kept the doors open. The clientele in that area, I'm sure, were very loyal.

  4. Sad... another two classic stores close. Does anyone know if these stores are going to liquidate fixtures?