Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Weehawken Acme is Getting Better!

Location: 4100 Park Avenue, Weehawken, NJ

Stopped in yesterday and was surprised to see a whole new customer service desk and express registers have been installed where the self-checkouts were located. The removal of the self-checkouts left an odd empty space along the front-end. I had wondered if Acme would add more registers to this area like they have been doing in other stores. The customer service desk was in need of upgrading as Pathmark's desk and counter were on the small side. You can see a "before" shot of the area below....

4 express registers are now located here. Unfortunately there are no register lights.... yet. Security gates have also been added to the entrance and exit.

As I've mentioned, this is by far my favorite Acme conversion! The store did not keep the manager of the Pathmark and it appears the new manager is really trying to take the service to a whole new level. Most of the Pathmark employees stayed on and I can tell you without a doubt, they are much happier working for Acme. While the store overall looks just like it did as a Pathmark, the difference in atmosphere is nothing short of astounding.

For full coverage of the Weehawken Acme, please click here.


  1. I think they were building the same thing when I was in the South Plainfield store a few weeks ago.

  2. Well, a shot in the arm always helps. Working for Pathmark was never fun, and I'm not surprised to hear that the employees are happier now that Acme has the store.

    Question: since Acme honored the contracts of the union workers at the stores they took over, does that mean those stores are staying with 1262 and not moving to Acme's union? (Before anybody says anything- Acme always had a different union, hence why my mom shopped at the old Clifton Acme during the big 1262 strike in 1992.)

  3. Though it is not coustomet service that still located behind it. Acme has set up the same sort of express check out area in Old Bridge. https://flic.kr/p/CsLEPg