Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Acme – Kirkwood Plaza, Wilmington, DE

Photos courtesy of catnapped

Location: 4365 Kirkwood Highway, Wilmington, DE  

The former old-school Pathmark of Kirkwood Plaza is now an Acme! Freshly painted facade is included but the inside is rather dated. The decor package here is four rounds old but as we'll see, it looks pretty decent in the pictures. I believe this package was rolled out in the late 90's and was used until the "Path to Savings" remodels started in the 2000's. It's not a particularly attractive look. When my Pathmark got this package I vividly remember thinking "wow, this place looked better BEFORE the remodel". I believe Acme may have picked at least one other Pathmark with this same interior.

Acme replaced Pathmark's Pharmacy sign. You can see the scar from the former sign to the right.

"Super" scar from Super Center seen here.

No new lighting in Produce! Pathmark lights remain.

The Pharmacy in the front corner. Pretty much the standard spot in Pathmarks of all kinds.

Paper products are still located in aisle 1! A&P had reset many stores in recent years relocating the paper products for the spot where Pathmark shoppers were very used to finding them.

The cases were not painted black here. I imagine Acme has plans to remodel this store sooner than later. The company has kept its Delaware store more up to date than those in other markets.

Bakery in the front corner.

Pathmark used a similar tile pattern around the permitter of the store for the next decor package. You can see a glimpse of it in the abandoned Randolph store above. For more coverage of this location, click here.

The Customer Service sign is from the Path to Savings decor package.

No Acme sign in the front-end. The mymixx smart phone sign hangs in its place.

Haven't seen these bold black numbers on the checkout signs before.


Aside from a ShopRite less than 10 minutes away, I'm not seeing any other supermarkets nearby.

Kirkwood Plaza includes Kohls, Petco and A.C. Moore.

The newer section clearly seen on the right side of the store.






Thanks to catnapped for providing these photos for us! 


  1. Was the idea to drive home the concept of savings by making the stores as plain and austere as possible? With a few exceptions, Pathmarks always came across to me as very clinical. I have a feeling that the Pathmark acquisitions will be the first to be remodeled if many look like this one. The A&P stores, on the other hand, at least look nice for the most part.

  2. Makes me wonder just how many store decor packages are floating around in the combined chain. I mean, some Albertsons in NM acquired from Raleys have old Lucky or Furr's (red ceilings!) interiors.

  3. There's actually the Acme up the road at Price's Corner. Aside from that (and the Shoprite not far away), nothing really until you get to either Pike Creek or Newark.

    Newark (College Square) also has the similar bland interior. The owner of the shopping center has said they plan to redevelop so Acme may wait until that happens before they do anything with that one.

    1. I was just going to say Prices Corner. It's at 1308 Centerville Road, 3.7 miles from this store (thanks Google Maps - which is already identifying this store as an Acme!)

      There is also a Walmart near the Prices Corner store (that was previously a Gaylord's and a Kmart before being razed). They want to expand to a supercenter, but can't get the rezoning they want from the county for the additional property they need. And neighbors behind the store are also opposing the expansion. I think the store is around 140k sq ft at the moment.

      Are you going to do College Square? I haven't been in there myself since the store changed over.

      All the Pathmarks in Delaware seem to have been neglected. I don't remember any of them getting any meaningful interior upgrades since the early 2000's.

    2. Thanks to catnapped, College Square will be coming to the blog very soon.

  4. Bad as it may be, this will always be the Pathmark interior with the most sentimental value for me.

  5. I think this is the first time that I've seen a strip anchored in part by Kohl's where they don't get the big signage at the top of the stanchion.

    I remember in some cases, especially in the Caldors tbey took over, the shopping centers simply got a sign big enough to wrap around the Caldor sign and left it there (Woodland Park did this, and so did Clifton when they took over the old Bradlees in 2002).

    1. The Kohl's was previously a Clover, so it would be surprising they didn't have the top sign either; maybe AC Moore opened during the time between the two chains (96-98) and took the space first.

    2. AC Moore did indeed open before Kohl's. I am not 100% sure of the setup, but I think they subdivided the old Clover space to create the two separate stores.

    3. The piece to the right of Kohl's (what was Clover) was Hechinger's

  6. That is different, having the pharmacy almost totally separated like that (where most stores have a section that can be closed off, this is almost like having a small store within a store). I think the only difference is that some stores are "mirror images" where the pharmacy would be the front right corner - one that comes to mind is the one that was in Avenel with the "mini mall" in front.
    Not sure if any other chain has done pharmacies quite like that?

    Another question that brings to mind - has anyone been to a store like that (Avenel one) that was not sold (as far as I know?)?
    Wondering if the other storefronts would stay open, as they could fairly easily seal off the Pathmark space in the back?

  7. Comparing the looks of this and the Branmar Plaza redo to other stores, Acme seems to be doing the bare minimum in converting stores in its home territory. I get the feeling they’re riding on their goodwill and figuring that shoppers' familiarity with the brand will get them in the door and the reduced competition will get them to come back.

    1. Full remodels are starting right after the holidays.

  8. I've been to a pathmark (Bristol, PA) with a slightly deluxe version of the decor as seen on the blog, instead of the bakery, it says "Baker's Oven", and the seafood sign may have been colored blue.

  9. By the way, you've got this post labeled as just "DE:" rather than "DE: Wilmington".

  10. Little or nothing has been done here in the almost-a-year since it was acquired. Still has the boring Pathmark decor for the most part. I would've hoped they'd have remodeled by now but doesn't look like it's happening this year.