Tuesday, May 12, 2015

This Just In From ACME Markets >>>

Beach Haven Grand Re-Opening
Friday, May 22nd!

Photo courtesy of trex354

ACME Markets left the following comment on
the most recent Beach Haven post...

We just wanted to let you all know that we will be holding our
Grand Re-Opening on Friday, May 22nd as the store will be
opening on that day just in time for the Memorial Day weekend.
We hope to see you there. 
Details will be announced soon on our Facebook page.
Thanks for being fans of ACME Markets. 


  1. Aha, the Acme will open just in time for Memorial Day weekend!

    1. That''s what they said!

    2. BTW, looks like they paved paradise...now all they have to do is put up a parking lot.

    3. This property was never paradise. You have to head a couple blocks the other way for that.

  2. Will be really interesting to see more photos since this is the first new from the ground up store in quite some time. And I'm sure the associates and customers will appreciate the increase in store size. Hopefully we will see a news article with some more details about the store.

    Good luck, Acme!

  3. Grand Re-Opening??? Seems to me it's a Grand Opening.