Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Circular 1994!

Circular courtesy of John from


  1. Cool! What a way to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend with a new Acme and an old ad. Hopefully we can see some *brand new* stores soon and not just rebuilds and remodels.

  2. Another circular! That's a way to celebrate Memorial Day!

  3. The Coke and Pepsi are pretty similar to what they are today yet good luck finding ground beef for even double that (ad) price nowadays.

    1. Hannaford had it just about double ($2.88) but that was only 73% rather than 80%.

      On the other hand, our ShopRite stores had the London Broil for $1.99/lb. (Limit of 1 package though) and several stores had the corn 5/$1. Also ShopRite had the sliced cheese at $1.49 (Borden vs. Kraft, but still a brand and same size).

      In addition, kind of interesting to see that they were introducing the Catalinas (Checkout Coupons as they were called then) for money off your next purchase when you bought certain things.

  4. I remember the ten cent Acme sodas up until at least the mid 2000s. The stores would get direct shipments from the canning plant in Concordville PA. The plant was owned by Concord Beverages, which also owned Vintage Seltzer. Which in turn was owned by Honickman, who is a big Canada Dry bottler/canner in the Mid-Atlantic. They also own Pepsi franchises in parts of NY and NJ. They sold the plants to Cott, who is the largest canner/bottler of private label drinks in the US. Now they make Super Chill sodas as well as other private label brands. Look for code CV on the bottom of the can.

  5. 69 cents for potato chips. The dollar store cant beat that!

  6. The Cambridge, Md store would get 2 trailer loads of the Acme soda for the ten cent sale and we would need to order additional later in the week. They were single cans in cardboard flats with a plastic wrap.