Friday, May 29, 2015

Summer is better at Acme!

Acme's summer tagline is here! Last year's "From City to Shore" is out... "Summer is better at Acme" is in! Matching signage is going up in stores now. The new summer logo is seen on the cover of Acme's "Big Book" above, which features sale prices in effect for the next month. 

O Organics and Open Nature are now officially available at Acme! An announcement was not made on Acme's Facebook page like it was for Jewel. This is the first week these products are being shown in Acme's ads. The brands are being advertised as "new" in the Big Book but not in the regular circular which can be seen below... 

I'm curious to see what happens with the branding of the Wild Harvest department. Wild Harvest encompassed both organic and "natural" products whereas Safeway has a brand name for each category. Will there be an official name for the health food department or will it just be called something generic like "Organic & Natural"? 

One other note... looks like Essential Everyday isn't going anywhere for the next month. The products are featured in the Big Book so they will definitely be on Acme's shelves for the next month. 


  1. Looking at these Acme ads it looks like those in charge are actually developing different marketing campaigns for the different stores. Or maybe Safeway's new "It's just better" campaign was in process prior to the sale of Safeway. Safeway is the closest store to my house and I do shop there a lot. They have decent prices, the employees are helpful and they have a good selection of organic produce with the Whole Foods markup or the chaos of Wegmans. Though I'm not a Philly area native I'm happy if Acme is getting a branding campaign of its own. College friends of mine spoke very highly of Acme in its heyday, much like folks from the DC area speak of Giant-MD in its best times. Nonetheless I'm interested to see how much integration there is between the Albertsons chains now Acme is out from SuperValu and Safeway has been purchased.

    On a side note, SuperValu has really done a number on Shoppers Food Warehouse. They tried to upscale it and it lost its reputation for being the discount grocer in the DC area. Add Wal-Mart Supercenters to the mix and you can see where its going. Shoppers has been closing stores lately. Most of them that have closed have the old late 1990s Richfood orange interior. SuperValu strikes again as folks here would say.

  2. Well, SuperValu was never good about holding Acme's market share, so not surprised Shoppers dropped off.

    I think it is individual divisions working now as that follows the plan of what Albertsons Safeway set out to do, and that includes putting more power with Acme or Safeway Eastern and not back support in the west.