Wednesday, May 6, 2015

First look at the new Beach Haven Acme!




Looks just like the rendering! Obviously, more work needs to be done but it looks as though they're getting down to the final touches. I imagine the store will be open in a couple of weeks. Certainly before Memorial Day Weekend.

The parking lot is a mess but could probably be finished up in a matter of days.

The new store is elevated higher to avoid flooding when hurricanes push the ocean over this section of the island.

A look inside...

They've dropped "Beach Haven" for "Long Beach Township". I would have gone with Long Beach Island. Does anyone ever say "Long Beach Township"? Oh well. The updated logo is being used in the foyer like it is in the recent remodels.

It's official... the Quality Built decor is here! I'm going to reserve full judgement until I see it in person. Our first look is having me wish there was more color on the walls. Have to say the font for the Seafood and Meat Department is so painful and I'll never understand the mini "FRESH" at the start. I think the department signage at the Devon store is much more successful.

The shelves are being stocked! You can get a glimpse of the Dairy Department signage on the left hand side of the photo. The registers look to be a holdover from the former store which makes sense since they were practically brand new. Will they be using the checkout lights from the old store or put in new ones with the Acme logo on them? The floor appears to be polished concrete throughout.

Side view with a look at the delivery bays. No doubt this place has plenty of back room space. The days of storing merchanise in trailers and on pallets in the parking lot are finally a thing of the past.

Thanks to dougbalt for getting us our first look at the Beach Haven store! Full tour coming this summer.


  1. I wonder if it will have old logos on the wall, like at the Passyunk Ave. store in Philadelphia.

  2. looks like they reused the registers from the old store, but since the old lights aren't still on them...

  3. It does appear to have to have the same ACME branded aisle markers as the 10th and Reed store. Looks nice. Just hoping the front of the store gets the updated logo!

  4. Good afternoon. We just wanted to let you all know that we will be holding our Grand Re-Opening on Friday, May 22nd as the store will be opening on that day just in time for the Memorial Day weekend. We hope to see you there. Details will be announced soon on our Facebook page. Thanks for being fans of ACME Markets.