Friday, May 15, 2015

Acme – Holmes, Pennsylvania

Location: 503 South MacDade Blvd, Holmes, PA

The Holmes Acme opened sometime in the late 60's or very early 70's. In the 90's the store was expanded and given the facade you see here which was used for some remodels during that decade. It was standard issue for the stores Acme took over from Jamesway.

Even with the expansion here, the store is still relatively small. Regardless, this Acme appears to be very successful. Both current and historic satellite views show good crowds in the parking lot. It was quiet busy the day I was here.

The expansion of the building took place on this side where it is joined with the rest of the shopping center. Acme expanded into a much larger store that existed on the right side. We'll have a better look at that in the aerial views.

A pretty rare site here with Sav-on appearing on the welcome wall. I believe this is the first time we're seeing this!

Produce on the right side of the store.

As you'll see, this place was chock full of displays.

90's decor remains on the walls. I was here back in February 2014 which is why you're seeing the "Card Free Savings" signs on the tour.

The two columns there on the left side of the aisle are probably located where the original Acme ended.

Pretty tight quarters here. Hard getting good shots of the walls and the departments.

Surprised to see this store was not upgraded to the Premium Fresh and Healthy aisle markers.

A little blurry in the frozen food aisles...

A look around back...

This structure is original to the store but doesn't look to be used much anymore. It's essentially a covered delivery dock coming out of the side of the store. We'll have a good look at the front of it in the aerial views.

The delivery bays used now were added to the store in the 90's expansion.

The original parking lot signs remain!

A look at the Big Kmart that Acme shares the shopping center with. I'm assuming it's still open. You never can tell with the rate that their shutting these places down.


A nice crowd for a small Acme!

This view has a good look at the front of the covered delivery dock. You can also see here the division between the original building on the left and the expansion to the right. Not sure what former store the Acme expanded into.

Interesting stretch of MacCade Boulevard. Less than 3 miles you have an Acme, Pathmark, Acme and Pathmark. The super deluxe Folsom Acme is in the lower left-hand corner practically sharing a shopping center with the Pathmark. The CVS at 1937 MacDade Blvd is a former 50's Acme. It has been photographed and will be coming to the blog soon. Same goes for the Folsom store. 




The expansion and remodel complete as of 1999.

The original store still operating in 1992.




  1. Any reason why they haven't remodeled here? The store looks good nonetheless and the current decor doesn't look out of place or "cheap" in the store. I'm guessing the store had the 80s remodel before this decor package??

    1. Well they're not really remodeling anywhere except for a handful of select stores. The previous package was the 90's Red/White/Blue. It's still has the flooring and wall elements from that decor package. Certainly had the 80's package and possibly the Checkerboard Arches in between.

    2. And as far as remodels under SuperValu's leadership... they focused mostly on remodeling large Acmes and didn't bother with smaller locations like this one. Trolley Square and Fairfax are two exceptions. Both of those stores are relatively small but were given the PF&H 2.0 remodel.

  2. Kmart is still open (it's a former Woolco) and has since received the newer Kmart logo outside along with a repaint of the building (white/beige). Inside is pretty standard white walls with red signs.

  3. I always thought the expanded area was just more mall space originally; apparently Acme had a mall entrance originally, but just put up a wall when they expanded.

  4. I recall visiting this Acme quite often as a young boy in 1975-76 (my dad's best friend managed the Hardees-now a Burger King-right outside on the corner of MacDade Blvd. & South Ave.). At that time it was signed as a Super Saver but strangely did not seem to use the Super Saver logo with the shopping cart & the small Acme fisheye logo on top. I also remember the unusual Bunker Ramo early electronic cash registers.

    Back then, MacDade Mall was just about fully occupied & both the Super Saver & Woolco did a roaring business.

  5. The dock at the end of the building is still very much in use daily. This dock is mainly used for their dairy and frozen food deliveries since the dairy and frozen food coolers are located at the East side of the store.


  6. It looks like from what I could tell based on some Flickr pages, the Acme expansion *may* have been Thrift Drug originally, and then Big Lots.

    1. The Thrift Drug/ Eckerd didn't close until 2000; it was then briefly a store called "Lot Stores".

  7. The store started as a Super Fresh when Mac Dade Mall opened here in 1969 (Woolco was at the other end, was in junior high school and went there often - The mall was one of the first enclosed malls in the region, and was for many years a busy community place. Fairly wide mall entrances were right of the Super Fresh and left of the Woolco, and one in the center, with an enclosed mall lined with shops front and rear of the center, a bank across from the Super Fresh at the left entrance (at that time PSFS) and the Woolco at the right entrance (Girard, later Mellon). Thrift Drug and its successors were at the far end of the center entrance. I managed The Camera Shop there in the late 70s. The right expansion of Super Fresh happened a number of years later, and took over that entrance space, not sure when and if the entrance was closed or if the PSFS was removed. The mall went into long decline, and was slated for demolition/renovation. It was the mall scene, redecorated in 70s style, for the movie The Lovely Bones. It was changed to a kinda bigger box strip center with those stress beginning to reopen in fall 2013 ( Even when I worked there the Super Fresh was a kinda just ok store, more often shopped at the Pathmark (now closed) in Folsom. Haven't been back to the mall in a number of years.

    1. You mean Super Saver? Super Fresh was created by A&P in 1982

  8. Some updates:
    This now has Premium Fresh and Healthy (disappointing, but still an improvement), and the Kmart is open and has even updated their logo! I'm assuming it was remodeled as well, but I didn't get inside to check.