Thursday, November 13, 2014

Store Count

The following Acmes have now closed for good…

New Britain, PA
Warminster, PA

Additional coverage of each store will be coming to the blog soon. 


  1. When was the last new Acme store opened? I mean, for all its store closures, Kmart/Sears haven't opened a new store in well over 10 years, which says a lot (Target and Walmart on the other hand keep opening them).

    The "Quality Built" décor seems rather low-budget and built off of previous packages, and the fact that Albertsons continues to close stores post-SVU worries me.

  2. The last new Acme to open was Bryn Mawr but that was technically a replacement store. The good news... it is a huge success which can't be said for a lot of newly built stores Acme opened in the 2000's. The last brand new Acme location is Glen Mills which opened in April 2008. It too is very successful and is on deck to receive the Frosted Mug Café. It's future is a little dicey as a Wegmans is being built just steps away. The second to newest store was Limerick which failed miserably. Got off to a great start but could not compete with a new Giant/Target combo across the street. I believe Avondale is the third newest. All three are covered on the blog.

    Yes, the Quality Built decor is clearly low-budget but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The package a slightly modified version of what Cerberus owned Albertsons has been using in their stores but when it was brought over to Acme it was given a much needed shot of Acme spirit! Something we haven't seen for Acme in decades. It's difficult the judge to decor in photos. You really need to see it in person to truly appreciate it. The overall atmosphere in both Devon and 10th and Reed is pretty fantastic.

    1. Is there a former Glen Mills and Limerick ACME?

    2. Not really. Acme didn't have stores in either town in the past but there is a former Acme close to Glen Mills. The AMC at Painter's Crossing was an Acme but that's technically the former Acme of the now closed Westtown store.