Tuesday, November 11, 2014

News Break:

Apologies for the unexpected hiatus. I had to put the blog on the back burner for a few weeks due to an avalanche of projects at my day job. I also accepted some freelance work which turned into more work than anticipated, which is usually how those projects go. With things finally getting back to normal here, Acme Style will be returning to it's regularly scheduled programming, for the most part. There may be some additional interruptions going forward but I assure you, they will always be temporary. Now to recap some news that has been kicking around for the past few weeks...


Oh they keep on coming! And if you spend anytime on flickr looking at Kmart pictures, you'd swear the whole chain is going under. While that isn't the case... just yet, Kmart is shutting down tons of stores. Seems like they are in a big rush to unload a bunch by year's end. (A full list of Kmart and Sears closings can be viewed at InvestCorrectly.com by clicking here.) Two of the locations set to close in December have previously appeared on the blog. While one doesn't come as much of a surprise, I have to say the other one sure does! 


Location: 140 Route 10, Randolph, NJ

The Dover Kmart was included in a Bonus Store post featuring the abandoned Pathmark just next door. For the record, that post is one of the most visited posts to ever appear on Acme Style! Guess folks love an abandoned Pathmark. I have only a couple of exterior shots of this store. Haven't been inside in many years.

According to comments left under the Pathmark post, the Kmart has been in bad shape for a while. I believe the whole shopping center has been in serious decline for years now. I do have some fond memories of this store as it is the very first Kmart I ever stepped foot in. I vividly remember coming here as a kid with my parents. Even back then, the place was not appealingl. I was happier going to Two Guys.

Aerial view of the Kmart and Pathmark, which is now an LA Fitness. Future of the Kmart... unknown.


Location: 859 New Jersey 17, Paramus, NJ

This one is pretty shocking to me. If there was any Kmart that was going to last until the very end, I would have put my money on this one. As Kmarts go, this one always seems busy. In fact, it has been remodeled two times over in the past few years! It was first given the retro orange and brown remodel in the late 2000's. You can see a peek of that below. Personally, I loved this look. It felt like Kmart was taking it's past and making it cool for the present. Sometime in the past few years, the store was given the new, painfully generic, red and white look. The picture below was taken back in 2010 and was included in the recent Bonus Store coverage of the former Grand Union/Stop and Shop in the same shopping center. The store has since been fully photographed and will going up on the blog next week.

The Paramus Kmart has a very unique interior thanks to the building starting out as a Grand Way. The building appears to have had a couple of additions over the years.

Some additional photos of this Kmart can bee seen in the Bonus Store post of the Paramus Stop and Shop. Check back next week for a more extensive look at the interior.


Uh oh. More bad news for the Burlington Acme. After weathering the storm of an expanded Walmart, ShopRite is now in the process of converting the abandoned Kmart into a new store which is expected to open in January. You can read more about the news at the courierpostonline.com by clicking here.


Location: 505 W Butler Ave, Chalfont, PA

This came sooner than expected. I was planning on getting to the store this coming weekend to photograph it. Looks like I won't make it. Anyone out there who can get us some interior photos? I've had some offers but so far no pictures have arrived. I would hate to see this place close and not make it to the blog. If anyone could help out, I would greatly appreciate it! You can send photos to acmestyleblog@gmail.com


Photos courtesy of Billy F.

Throwing in some news about Bottom Dollar, although I'm sure most of you have heard by now. All stores have been sold to Aldi. The store above is located in the former Bordertown Acme building. It is unknown at this time how many locations will be converted to Aldi and how many will be sold off. 


Spinning off from Brazos Buildings & Businesses, I present to you: Safeway Albertsons Texas, the new blog to explore the legacy of stores that Albertsons, Safeway, and their companies left behind, but in Texas. 


  1. I was told that the Warminster store will also be closing on the 13th.

  2. It's too bad the Randolph Kmart's closing; it was the last one in the area with a Little Caesar's Pizza Station (which was kinda redundant given there's a Pizza Hut in the parking lot). But still, were they thinking clearly about closing Paramus? It has to be one of their top stores, given that Walmart and Target are not in Paramus at all; you'd think they would have that market cornered or something. Or perhaps the gradual neglect of the GU/S&S next door decided it's fate. Or was it a roof problem?

    1. There is a Target in Paramus in Bergen Town Square but still is far enough away from the K-Mart when you take traffic into consideration.....In regards to the Stop & Shop I wonder if they have any plans on moving into the old K-Mart or building a new store on the property. Besides some new lighting in parts of the S&S over the summer, nothing has been upgraded while the nearby S&S in Ridgewood which isn't that old just went through a remodel that actually closed the store for 2 months.

    2. There was talk (maybe it was on here) that S&S was wanting to take over the Kmart site to build a replacement store which is why it is neglecting the ex-GU so much. I wouldn't be surprised if that's exactly what happens.

  3. The K-Mart in Dover De is closed as well. I don't know when it closed but drove through Dover last week and it was gone