Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Last Call for New Britain and Warminster!


Looks like BOTH stores are set to close in just a little over 24 hours. Is there anyone out there how could snap just a couple of interior photos of either store? I will not be making it to these stores before they close. Warminster has a relatively deluxe version of Albertsons Marketplace decor. I have been there several times and have no idea why I don't have pictures. They may have been lost. I don't know about the interior of New Britain but would guess it has the standard Albertsons Marketplace remodel. I will be getting exterior shots of both stores this coming weekend.

Photos of New Britain have arrived and they are... 


  1. They really picked a really inconvenient time to close the stores. They could have given them at least another weekend! That would have given them ample time to sell off the rest of the merchandise. Plus, why a Thursday?

  2. Did you get photos of warminster

    FYI: The Chalfont store might become a sky zone...