Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Classic Acme! Margate City, NJ

Photo courtesy of Patrick Richardson of Charlotte Eats

Location: 9301 Ventnor Avenue, Margate City, NJ

This classic Jersey Shore store opened July 16, 1952. The photo was taken about 10 years later in 1962. In the directory that I have, the Margate Acme is listed as being located at 9300 Ventnor Avenue which is clearly a mistake. A Wawa now stands in that location...

The CVS just across the street is clearly the former Acme. The row of stores is an identical match as well. Below is a street view...

Compare to the photo from 1962 (well, from some year in the 60's. As pointed out in the comments section, the cars parked in front are later models than 1962)...

Even the power pole on the corner is an exact match! The second floor added about Stubbes Meat Market does throw off the proportions a bit.

Another match between the two photos is this column on the left side the former Acme. You can see in the old photo that the original windows ended here and that this column could easily have been along the edge of the Acme. Notice too how Stubbe's Meat Market has what appears to be red trim along the bottom of it's windows. Compare that to the windows at Happy Nails. The trim appears to be there as well.

Aerial Views...

An interesting L-shaped building for this Acme.

The site is use for historic aerials is undergoing upgrades at the moment. Images for Margate City are not available at this time.

The Acme Super Market in relation to the Jersey Shore.


  1. If acme was still opened, It would of filled the L shape and it can become a probably bigger acme.

  2. That is such a beautiful picture. It must have been one of the last “Main Street” Acme locations built before the company started transitioning to the somewhat larger ones (by 1950’s standards) with a parking lot. That cursive Acme sign with the “Super” logo must have been stenciled on. What did the “Super” designation mean? Was this considered a larger Acme compared to the other existing ones at the time?

    Back in the 50’s, beachgoers from Philadelphia visiting these shore towns must have turned to Acme for their grocery shopping because of the familiarity with the brand from back home. With all the chains now, it may seem commonplace, but Acme helped pioneer the association and comfort with a chain store.

    In the absence of the aerial views, we cannot know for sure whether the L-shape building consisted of the entire original structure, or whether it was added on after the Acme moved out. My guess it that it was enlarged on a later date, but it still may have been an Acme when it was done. The entrance door is in about the same place for both the old Acme and the CVS. Was a replacement Acme built for this location, or did it just go out of business?

    Excellent critical analysis by the Acme Style blogger! I am totally convinced that the current CVS must have been the former Acme.

  3. That older photo is form 1967 at the very least.
    The 2 cars pictured are a 1965 Ford fairlane [l] and a 1967 Ford Custom 2 door sedan [r].

  4. The red trim paint on the meat market next door, makes me think that it was a former A&P. The upper windows and the awning are good indicators as well. In many shore locations, Acme and A&P were side by side. I can't explain the L shaped building, except to note that the corner chimney at the rear was classic Acme style.

    1. What a great observation! I was looking at some vintage photos of old A&P's from the early part of the 20th century, and you may be right. The Acme and the A&P in Seaside were located right next to each other.

  5. I remember that store being open up until in the early 1970's. Went in with my Aunt to buy ice cream on the way to the beach.