Friday, June 6, 2014

Acme – Berwyn, PA

Location: 550 Lancaster Ave, Berwyn, PA 19312

The Berwyn Acme opened in November 1966 and lasted until the early 2000's. The store began as a Colonial Cottage and had the pyramid entrance added in the early 90's. The plug was finally pulled on this classic shortly after the Devon Acme was expanded to it's current size. Today the building is is divided between a CVS and Wine & Spirits.

I happened upon this Acme back in the early 90's and was stunned to see the Checkerboard Arch decor inside. It was one of the first stores that I had seen with the that decor. It looked incredible at the time. If I remember correctly, the store had not yet received the pyramid entrance. That came sometime later. The red-oval logo remained front and center even though the interior had been upgraded. What I do remember for sure, this place was insanely busy every time I stopped in. Borderline mayhem and that was just on weekdays.

Looking down the length of the Acme. The sidewalk appears to have been completely redone. No scars to be found.

Several of Acme's windows have been bricked over.

CVS has maintained the original integrity of the remanning windows.

Dairy and Bakery on this side with Produce along the wall at the opposite end. The Bakery sign was was in cursive here, similar to the sign at the Middlesex store. One big difference though, the Bakery here was just the bread aisle.

A quick look inside the CVS. No Acme clues here. CVS usually guts these old places it takes over.

It looks like there may be a scar there on the wall from the bread door. It is very faint. Below is a picture of the former Belmar store with the bread delivery door still intact..

Back to Berwyn...

Some scars can be seen along the back of the building...

Second floor bathroom and break room windows have been bricked over. I wonder if the second floor is used at all. Seems extreme to seal over the only portals to the outside world!

It was fun to return to this former Acme on such a beautiful day! I had been here years ago in the dead of winter to photograph the store. Those pictures would eventually be lost prompting an eventual return. It all worked out for the best as we get to see this place without piles of dirty snow!

Aerial Views...

Historical Aerials...






Seems like just yesterday I was wondering the aisle of this Acme…
just for the fun of it!


  1. Thanks for posting these pictures! I was feeling nostalgic and needed to see my old hangout. I grew up in Berwyn - born in 1971, so when I went there it was a fairly new store. It was always clean and friendly, and they knew your name. A pickle barrel by the deli, and a Photobooth in the lot. Please find a picture of the Photobooth!! Berwyn used to be a small, quiet little town with horse pastures on Leopard Rd. and a small town feel. A mushroom stand stood to the left of the Acme on a little dirt plot. I miss it!

    1. Thanks for sharing you memories! The pickle barrel was the best!!