Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jewel Osco Opens in Former Dominick's Stores! has an article about the opening of the Jewel Osco stores in the former Domick's locations. They included 3 videos which I've embedded in this post. It's rare when these stories show more than a photo or two of a store, let alone 3 videos. We don't exactly get sweeping views of the interiors but you can see enough of the store to get an idea of how they look. The decor package looks to be mostly, if not entirely, left over from Dominick's. They didn't even bother switching out the aisle markers. Full remodels will be happening at these four stores in the near future. Jewel wanted to get them cleaned up and reopened as quickly as possible. Gone for sure is the dark, moody lighting that Safeway had in place at the Lifestyle formatted stores. The Lifestyle decor is alive and well in the former Genuardi's in Norristown which is now a Weis Market. It was covered on the blog last March. You can jump over to that post by clicking here. (Scroll down below the Big Lots photos).


  1. Albertsons Florida BlogJanuary 30, 2014 at 3:11 PM

    Is Jewel-Osco changing their logo? The front of the store in the video had the usual Jewel-Osco logo, but in the store on the walls and on the circular the lady was holding used a logo where the Jewel was over the Osco in a circle

  2. I think that logo came along after New Albertsons took over. It's been used in the circulars for a while now. Probably just a refresh rather than an official new logo since they're not using it on the front of stores.

  3. It's a nice update to the logo, since the old one basically is "Jewel-Osco" in Arial, Italicized font. And those accents in the video are awesome. I love how the manager pronounces "happy". Hahaaa...