Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Former Acme – Randallstown, MD

Photos courtesy of Michael H.

Location: 8053 Liberty Road, Randallstown/Baltimore, MD

Opening date and closing date of this store are both unknown. The satellite images reveal it was built sometime before 1964. The store is currently an ALKO Clothing Outlet which specializes in discounted designer clothing and health care professionals' uniforms. They have three locations throughout Baltimore.

Some interesting things to see here... check out the cool drum lights hanging along the awning. No telling if they are original to the Acme or added later. We haven't seen anything like them on the blog.  The lower awning has been completely removed and the entrance and exit doors have been moved to the center of the store.

This side of the store has the drop ceiling along the left side which is where the Dairy aisle would have been. The original entrance and exit would have been off the left side of the photo.

A 50's styled rear attached to a 60's styled pitched-roof store. Funny thing is... we saw a similar situation in the last "Pick of the Day" post at the former Cortland NY store.

The beam for hoisting the compressors to the second floor and the doors to bring them inside remain intact.

Second floor break room and bathroom windows which no one is escaping from.

A great looking former pitched-roof store!

Satellite Images...

A great view of the rear of the store. The Acme may have extended a bit on the left side where that flat roof section meets the pitch.

Historica Aerials... 






Thanks to Michael for taking these pictures for us to enjoy!


  1. Don't know when this store opened, but it closed about 1973 when a newer Acme opened about 2 miles north. By that time, the old store had become a Super Saver. After it closed, it became a Bingo parlor, a hardware store, a shoe outlet, and its current form.

  2. Two other notes about this Acme. I recall the dairy aisle being to the right of the store. It also had two sets of entrance / exit doors, one on the left and one on the right. The IN doors were manual while the OUT doors were automatic.

  3. @Anonymous: Where is the newer Acme located that you refer to? Curious to see what the newer building looks like now.

  4. I don't know if you're familiar with the Randallstown area but the newer Acme was at the corner of Liberty and Old Court Rd, next to the G.C. Murphy Mart which opened at the same time. Since this was about 1973, I'm sure there are plenty of pictures on this site that give you a good idea what it looked like. I don't get up there too much but I think that Acme is now a self-storage place.

  5. The Acme is now a Food Lion. The Murphy Mart/Ames is the self-storage place.

  6. Yes, sir. And not too far away in Windsor Mill Rd. there's a circa late 1940s Acme long-since converted into a church, but with clear signs of its supermarket past, including the footprints of a magic-carpet door at the church entrance.

  7. - is the first pic on the linked blog a photo from Randallstown? I believe it is but don't have anything (other than my memory) to confirm that.

    1. I'm not very familiar with that area so I wouldn't be able to say.