Thursday, June 20, 2013







The official press release sent to the Acme Style Blog:

ACME-What’s New?

Malvern, Pennsylvania, June 20, 2013- On Friday, June 21st, ACME Markets will unveil new changes focused on making shopping easier and better for their customers. 

The first change customers will see the card-free savings. All customers will get the same great prices, with or without an ACME SuperCard.

Additionally, customers will see lowered prices on the items they buy most. Throughout the 112 ACME stores, there will be thousands of items with lower everyday prices and many more on sale. 

ACME is also committing to offering the best selection of fresh quality product. If a customer is not happy, ACME will refund the purchase price and replace it with another item of equal or lesser value for free. This fresh guarantee, which ties nicely with the new card-free savings, will highlight to customers that they are in for a new experience at ACME. Customers will see a redesigned circular and new in-store signage designed to create excitement and illustrate the company’s commitment to quality products and great customer service. 

 “All customers deserve the same price on all items.” said Jim Perkins, ACME president. “We feel it is our job to give everyone a great shopping experience. With our cleaner stores, superior customer service, and offering our great values to everyone, we can do that.”

As fate would have it, tomorrow's post is all about the new store signage! I've been taking pictures of it all as I've visited stores in the past two weeks. I was wondering why they weren't advertising these new low price messages in the circular or online but I now see that everything officially starts tomorrow!


  1. Boy this is certainly a bold move to say the least.

  2. They also announced the no-card savings for the Albertsons banner as well.

  3. Awesome! now what do I do with my supercard...?

  4. I do my best to shop at stores that do not require a card for savings. Unfortunately in the DC area that is Shoppers and Walmart which is limiting if you need something they don't sell or the quality of the product they have isn't acceptable for you. I have cards for Giant and Safeway which I do use when I have too. Good for Acme for doing this. It is nice to see a mainline grocer get rid of the card. Couple that with real lower prices they might see some traction with this new program.

  5. ShopRite is BEST. Acme has NOT lowered most prices to the same level as major competitors This is a ploy to pacify existing dwindling customer base.

  6. ShopRite offers the WORST customer service of all the chains. Followed closely by the foreign owned Giant. Plus, Acme's ad the past few weeks is better than anyone else!

  7. Personally I like little international food stores and farm markets. My favorite actually used to be an Acme back in the day. It is the Garden Farm Market in Morrisville, PA but I call it Olde Acme. A large part of its charm, at least in my opinion, is the fact that it's a pitched roof Acme that still has the checkerboard floor and interior Acme stained glass sign. It was featured on this site before and it is a real gem. It is way cheaper than Shop Rite or Giant, and they have a big variety of cool produce that you cannot find in mainstream food stores. Seven different varieties of international eggplants? I'm in lol. But if I need products that "Olde Acme" doesn't sell, or I'm not nearby Morrisville, I do like to patronize current Acmes since it is a local Philadelphia born chain that I do not want to see die out the way Wanamakers, Strawbridge & Clothier, Gimbels, Genuardis, and so many other Philadelphia born chains did.

  8. I live where acme is within walking distance from me...and shoprite is literally right across the street. I have shopped at both and I dont dislike acme for any reason....they are just so much more expensive. At least the card made you FEEL like you were saving money. Bad move acme.