Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Classic pictures of the Nanticoke Acme!

Classic Acme photos courtesy of Mike in Nanticoke PA

Location: 2456 San Souci Parkway, Nanticoke PA

They don't get much more classic than this! A brand-new Acme having the final touches put on right before opening day. Check out the guys up the ladders doing some last minute painting. Mike reports that the date on the back of this photo is June 16, 1959. The picture below is dated May 10, 1982 which was the when it closure of this location was announced. 
The store after the 70's remodel. Cursive logo gone in favor of the fish-eye logo sign. You can see just a peak at the decor along the produce wall. Just the letters "R O D U C" can be seen. Looks to be a very basic version of the decor package similar to what can be seen at the Somers Point store

As the store looks today. Mike tells us the building has also been a Bargains Galore and Gerrity's Supermarket.

Mike snapped a picture of what appears to be the stump of the Acme parking lot sign.

An aerial shot reveals that the Acme has been expanded on both sides. You can see the original store has the darker roof and the raised section along the back.


Now for a quick look at the other Nanticoke Acme...

Images above courtesy of Wyoming Valley Blog

Location: 443 West Main Street, Nanticoke PA

This store opened in 1962 and closed in 1992. Both of these locations were featrured on the blog during the Wyoming Valley Tour. Mike's mom preferred shopping at the other store as she thought this newer location was sloppy and not well kept. 

The 2 Nanticoke Acmes were just over 2 miles away for each other.

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  1. Great pictures. Acme's golden age was definitely the 1940s through the 1960s.