Friday, June 21, 2013




As I mentioned in yesterday's breaking news post, I had been prepping a post for today showing the new shelf tags at Acme. I began seeing them a couple of weeks ago and have been snapping pictures of them to share. Hadn't noticed any ties-in with the circulars or website so I wasn't sure what was going on. Yesterday I received a press release directly from Acme headquarters which explained all the details. You can read the press release by visiting yesterday's post down below. 

The big news is... no more SuperCard to get the sale prices! I hate those cards with a passion. Thanks to the CardStar app on the iPhone, theres's no need to carry them all around anymore. Still, it's annoying having to open the app and find the card every time I'm in a checkout line. Personally I think these cards are outta control. I was shocked recently to see even a store like Toys R Us has them. Nice to see Acme doing something different from most of it's competitors. 

In recent months, we've all been on the edge of our seats waiting to see what changes would be coming to Acme since it was acquired by Cerberus Capital Management. Details have been hard to find online since the new owners are a private company. I have been doing as much research as I could on Albertsons LLC, which is technically the company now running Acme. Albertsons LLC has been the owner of the stores not acquired by SuperValu back in 2006. They were rebranded Albertsons Market. Those stores have been card-free for quite sometime now. This past week Albertsons and Albertsons Market websites merged ditching the SuperValu designed site. You can read more about that at

Now back to the new shelf tags...

First up is the "Low Price Every Day" tag. These tags all all over the store. It's almost crazy. Acme went from having minimal price messages, thanks to SuperValu who could never seem to get a clue, to now having hundreds up and down every single aisle! Seriously... you cannot miss them. 

Next up are the "Something more for less" shelf tag...

I'm assuming this is the new "sale" shelf tag. I was noticing a serious lack of sale tags that mention the SuperCard. There were some around but not many. It didn't occur to me that the card was getting phased out. It appears now that all weekly specials will get the new SMFL shelf tag. 

A couple of "Sale" tags still going here. There is NO shortage of red and yellow shelf tags anywhere in the store. 

Another big push is low prices on Milk. This is a huge sign above the milk case. (I should have pulled back for some perspective). These signs hang in multiple places back in Dairy in the two stores I visited.. I noticed too that the plastic milk bottles are still branded "ACME" but cardboard milk containers are "Essential Everyday". I looked pretty quickly so I could be wrong. I did notice tons of "ACME" branded boxes in produce displays. Hopefully they're bringing the name back after SuperValu banished it from stores.

Here's a preview of the new circular announcing all the big changes at Acme...

Click on images for larger view.

For now Acme is still starting its sale week on Friday. Other banners like Jewel and Albertsons begin the sale week on Wednesday. 

To view the full circular, please click here. 


  1. Maybe I am in the minority on this, but I actually like the preferred shopper cards.

    Safeway has a card tied to an online program that targets savings to different users. This means that they give different deals to differnt cardholders based on their buying habits. I think its great. They always give me a lot of really good coupons and free items and I access it through an app on my phone.

  2. Just to note - while they will no longer require the card for sale prices, you WILL be able to still scan it/have it scanned if you wish.

    The main reason to still scan it would be that there are programs which require the use of a card - things like savingstar (which gives you back a cash amount for buying certain items or a certain $ amount of items) and Upromise (puts money into a college account) etc.

  3. they cut all hours at every store now too. way to go! let's lower the prices and cut the help to have the items on the shelf!

    1. Interesting since the last 3 stores I have been too all had "Now Hiring" signs by the entrances.

  4. Hi, Stores who made their numbers and did not over spend, did not have to cut back on hours. The company has approved over time to get the job done. It makes sense that if you have over spent then you have to cut back. gerry

  5. There is talk of department managers quitting in frustration over pervasive under-staffing at Shaw's/Star Market. Seems like terrible timing with all those new shelf tags slated to be deployed by month's end. Anything like that going on at ACME?

    1. Shaw's and star market have been having lots of trouble lately. It was in the number 3 spot of worst supermarket in america. While Acme was only in number 7 and only had bad ratings on prices. That will change obviously because the list was developed when Acme was under 100% supervalu leadership and was closing about 10-15 stores a year. Shaw's may be implementing a WAL-MART style employing policy. Low Wages Lower Benefits is MAJOR key to walmart, kmart, target, and even Stop&Shop's success in the New England Market. Shaw's exited Connecticut in 2009. Acme is in a MUCH better position. That is why Star Market and Shaw's is having so many problems

  6. i hate these signs with a passion. they are a pain to put up and take down. they have to be next to EVERY product on sale or low price. was told by store director if they find one without one I will be written up. just another program to get rid of top rate employees

  7. Went to the only ACME left in my area [CLIFTON NJ] to check out the new low prices.
    I found some sale items a good price, salad mix for .98, some new prices reasonable, but most regular prices, still 10-30% higher than S/Rite or S/Shop. There was an employee at the front og the store handing out the new flyer and extolling their new lower prices.
    This store has a large KOSHER section and I overheard a customer telling this employee that the only reason they come is for the KOSHER foods otherwise prices were too high.
    I dont see this new strategy competing well against the local competition but I wish them well. I hate to see anyone lose their jobs.

  8. Shaw's and Star Market are falling in line with the rest of the banners and dropping everyday prices and getting rid of their Rewards card.

  9. they needed to do something to save the chain.

  10. Acme is my favorite supermarket and I like these changes.

  11. hi some folks spend more time crying then doing. Stop, put on a positive face and get it done. Your job and every one elses with Acme is on the line. If this works you get to keep your wage and benefits. If not well have you ever seen what Walmart pays people to Scan coordinate ?

  12. Perhaps this means they won't have that annoying game this summer that they have had for the last two years? You have to collect and match cards on a board? Difficult to figure out etc...Yeah, right I have time for that .

    Let me just say the Acme employees at the Roxbouogh store are great group . Thanks guys.

  13. It's great to see Acme lowering prices. I just wish there could be more adults working in the customer service area. There are always children at the service counter. As an adult, I would like to deal with other adults. The children just can't seem to turn their attention away from their cell phones to offer good customer service.