Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Interesting Decor Discoveries...

Due to my endless fascination with grocery store design, I often research companies that specialize in retail space design and construction. A few weeks ago I stumbled across the company responsible for the Premium Fresh and Healthy decor. The company is WD Partners and you can view the case study of the PFH remodel by clicking here. One interesting note that they make about this remodel is that "messaging is kept to a minimum." This is a complete about face from the early to mid 2000's when stores were packed with an EXPLOSION of messaging. The signage had a black and gold theme and marked the start of Acme labeling categories throughout the store, which has continued with greater success in the PFH stores. You can see examples of the aisle signs in this picture from the now closed Princeton Junction store. An example of the signage used along the front end can be seen in this picture former West Chester store. Stores were packed with signage that said things like "We Love Special Requests", "Sliced Fresh to Order!", "Fresh Ground Beef Always!", "Let Us Create a Cake for You!", "Preparation Questions? Just Ask!"... on and on. Most of that signage has since been removed from stores but you can still find remnants of it most often in stores with the "Alberstons Marketplace" decor.

In the next couple of weeks, we'll be checking out some stores which have decor packages not yet seen on the blog. The store going up this Friday has a look I've never seen before. May be a one-of-a-kind package. One would hope anyway. A week from Friday we'll see another decor package which is in several stores but hasn't yet made it to the blog. Both of these stores will be coming to use thanks to Acme Style Contributors!

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