Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Acme Markets up for sale?

Rumors continue to swirl regarding Acme's future. Finding concrete information online about SuperValu's plans for Acme has been impossible. Today, steps up to the plate to discuss the future of Acme as well as reflecting on it's past. Click here to read the fascinating article.

UPDATE 3.4.10: SuperValu denies that Acme Markets is up for sale. has a short article with a couple interesting twists to it and some promising news in the last paragraph.


  1. I heard from a few different (but reliable) sources that Kroger is the buyer. The distribution part could be interesting, since SuperValu consolidated their distribution into the Acme warehouse a few years back. Perhaps Kroger would build another warehouse closer to the stores (Denver is so far out), or sign a supply agreement with SuperValu.

    1. a purchase of Acme Mkts Inc by Kroger could be a good thing if Kroger retains the Acme name it is sayanomous with the philadelphia area.Also Kroger is known as a grocery store opertor and does it very well ,where supervalu is a distribor of goods for PROFIT this is there strong point.Kroger will have to take on the union contracts as well.In the past the UFCW Local 1776 have a reputation of working out fair contracts between Acme operators and union employees

    2. So true Supervalu is a distribution center only ( cost center) if anyone bought Acme it would be the best thing for all. But knowing that if they bought Acme they would have to use the distribution center or all sales will not go thru....

  2. I actually heard a long time ago that Kroger was interested in the Supervalu stores. If Kroger does buy Acme, would that do them good?

  3. IMHO It's doubtful if buying Acme in its current state would do them any good, though its still #1 Acme is still struggling to make a firm image for itself between the Giants Walmarts Shoprites and Aldi's on one side and the Wholefoods Wegman's and Trader Joes on the other. Philly's a tough market always has always will be. Many have come and gone and others have grown and shrank. as a earlier poster on the same subject said on this board. it needs a new strategy to stay alive as a LEADER in the market. they need to get tough pricewise they have a high priced image that's killing them and mediocre quality with the exception of their legendary Lancaster meat marketing they need to tailor certain stores to demographics and if need be come up with new store formats. the one size fits all Acme does not work anymore, If I were Kroger i'd would be goung after Ahold (Giant), which seems to have the most growth potential in thie market.

  4. Acme certainly does have that image of being high-priced. And I was told by a longtime employee that Lancaster doesn't mean Lancaster PA, I think he said it's Lancaster OH or MN?

    One of the people I talked to said that Kroger should come in and abandon the Acme name in favor of the Kroger name.

    And as for market share, Acme just eeked by Shop-Rite. They may be #2 very soon, the way things are going.

  5. Well, you won't find ANY solid info on any sale of the falling giant. However, you can almost bank on the fact that most of what is left in North Jersey will be sold very soon to "Kings Super Markets" Take it to the bank. 3.9.2001

    And sorry to report, Mrs. Judy Spires has left the company.

  6. Don't forget what I posted about Kings...

  7. A year and half later...Kings didn't buy Acme. The post above me was wrong and I didn't post it.

    With the way the economy is, who would buy Acme? If anything, ShopRite will buy a few stores, Redner's will buy a few, Giant will take some. Then what? No one bought the Acme name. Supervalu keeps their warehouse and supplies the smaller chains that don't have warehouses, like Redner's, Fresh Grocer in Philly, etc. Just give it time.

    You can't have buyers in Malvern that need approval from buyers in Minnesota who need to talk to people in Denver on what to order.

    Maybe Supervalu can bleed the vendors some more with SVHarbor subscription fees and reclamation charges. Because you know charging vendors to do business with them creates much better retails for consumers. Where do they think the vendors get the money for their fees? It's called a higher cost of goods sold going in causes a higher retail for the consumer. So what does the consumer do? Go to ShopRite for a better retail with a chain that has better distribution to their stores. They don't have receivers deciding what the store needs like Acme does.

    Wendell Young is doing a great job. He's got a crew of mindless employees following him as the Titantic called Acme sinks. Maybe those employees will find work with ShopRite. But I doubt Wendell will be invited.