Monday, March 29, 2010

Is Clifton next?

Sav-on is gone. The Pharmacy here at the Clifton store closed on March 10. All prescriptions were transferred the the CVS which is in the same shopping center. Pharmacy closures almost always prelude a store's closing. Or perhaps in this situation... a change in ownership. Rumors continue to circulate that Kings will be taking over some of the North Jersey Acmes in the near future. If that were to happened at this location, I would suspect that the store may be subdivided as it is currently much larger than a typical Kings.

Sav-on was covered over here on this sign but remains on the large sign out by Route 3.


  1. How close is the kings in upper montclair?

    Is that a different shopping region?

  2. I didn't realize there was a Kings so close... about 2 miles away. That one is tucked way back in Montclair. The Clifton Acme is located in a high visible area right off of Rt. 3. Not sure if Kings would consider the two locations too close together.

  3. I don't see why Kings would open a store in Clifton. The clientele wouldn't fit their base.

    I chalk it up more to their having to compete with CVS than anything else. Maybe they just weren't getting the customers to go to the pharmacy.

  4. Considering the amount of other popular stores in this center, and the kosher deli made especially for the Jewish population make the Acme hold it's own. Then again, there ARE 2 Stop and Shops and a ShopRite in Bloomfield, so maybe it's 50/50. Does anyone know how Clifton's doing these days?

  5. Mr. TSW- don't forget the ShopRite in Nutley isn't too far from this Acme either. I don't know how the store is doing but it looks to me each time that I go in there at night that it isn't doing as well as they would like. I work at one of the 2 Stop & Shops and we're not anywhere close to dead at the hours that Acme is. So they must make up the difference during the weekend, I figure.

    Revisiting my CVS point for a minute- I don't know why Acme even put in a pharmacy when that store opened. A pharmacy had already been at Styertowne since as far back as I can remember- a SupeRX store was next to the old Grand Union store, separated by the walkway tunnel connecting the front of the plaza to the back, which eventually became a Revco when they bought up the SupeRX stores and a CVS when they took over Revco. Now, I don't remember how long it took for CVS to move into the Grand Union space that eventually saw a C-Town go in there first- but they were pretty entrenched in that center before the Acme was built.

  6. I work in one of the offices in Styretowne, and I am always in this Acme and I don't understand why or how it stays open. It could only be the weekends, but it's not even that busy then. Saturday morning I avoid Nutley ShopRite at all costs, but this store is a breeze to go in and out....and I love the front-end people. My mom shopped here for the awesome kosher deli/bakery for a while, but she finally refused to pay the ridiculous prices for the same stuff she can get for like half the price at ShopRite. Even Stop & Shop is cheaper by far. Now that ShopRite is expanding their kosher section, she plans on hitting ShopRite and The Kosher Connection in Passaic Park. I also noticed the new Stop & Shop has an expanded kosher department in Aisle 1, though that may be only for Passover.
    This is a great location with awesome staff and a pretty good selection (you can't beat ShopRite on selection). Why do they insist on charging $6.59 for the same deodorant I get at ShopRite for 4.39? Only a damn fool would continue to be overcharged in that fashion. A shame.

    Side note: I remember that CVS/SupeRX/Revco was a Brooks Pharmacy when I was growing up, and it was located next to the new CVS/C-town/Grand Union, where the FYE is now. It was part of the Brooks chain, and it was strange because in the Brookdale section of Bloomfield, we had a "Brook Drugs", which was an independent-owned pharmacy.

  7. All I know is that it has not closed down (luckily). There is a bit of competition by the A&P as there is a Fairway Market and a Shoprite... but those stores would most likely wont affect Acme since its almost a kilometer away from A&P